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Cheap Olympic Barbells

I know the exact thing that popped up in your mind just now. Olympic Barbells cannot be cheap. This guy’s probably lost his marbles.

Sorry to disappoint. But there are tons of cheap Olympic barbells. This one right here is the one I got and not only is it pretty dang good, it's extremely affordable.

I am not talking about poorly made gimcracks that begin to bend or warp either, mind you. I am talking about good quality barbells that can almost pass for those fancy ones that you see in upscale health clubs.

A year ago, I was just like you. I believed that the words ‘Barbell’ and ‘Cheap’ don’t go together. But when the pandemic happened and I decided to set up a backyard gym, I started researching for equipment that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

My checklist was pretty simple. I needed a squat rack (found out there was actually different types of squats racks so wasn't that simple), a decent Olympic barbell, a bench, a pull up bar and a battle rope. While I was able to find the rest of the stuff reasonably quicker, the barbell took forever to research.

Thankfully, in the end, I was able to find myself a brute of a barbell for less than 50% of the model that I was about to buy initially. That’s what I am going to share with you in this blog post.

If you guys are also looking to buy a solid barbell for your home gym, you are at the right place. Let’s go find some cheap Olympic barbells.

How Important Is a Quality Olympic Barbell?

quality is the most important factor when buying a barbell, it affects how much weight you can lift and keeps you safe

The quality is THE only possible factor that should determine your choice while shopping for barbells.

That’s because it affects stability, safety and the amount of weight you’ll be able to move eventually. A poorly made barbell will probably save you a few bucks. But don’t discount the possibility that it can kill you. Exercises like the military press or bench presses need a good quality barbell so that you don't put yourself in danger.

Without getting into overly technical things that don’t really matter, there are two numbers that you’d want to keep your eye on while shopping for Olympic barbells.

The Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of your barbell is the amount of pounds per square inch that your barbell can take before breaking

This is the weight at which your barbell will break. But unlike common notion, it’s not rated in Lbs. or Kilograms. Instead, it is rated in pounds per square inch (PSI). High end barbells can have tensile strengths from 190,000 or 215,000 PSI. When you are shopping on a budget, you can reduce that by a bit. Anything more than 180,000 PSI should be good to go.

The Yield Strength

While the yield strength is hardly mentioned by manufacturers, this one is every bit as important top consider when choosing a barbell

This is the weight at which the bar bends and gets deformed permanently. This is measured in MPa which is Megapascal. But manufacturers rarely mention this unit. Instead, you’ll generally find the max weight rating, which should give you a fair idea of the barbell’s yield strength.

The discerning shopper would have noticed that I have not mentioned material. That’s because there’s a dizzying array of metals and alloys that are used for making weight lifting equipment from these barbells, adjustable dumbbells, to the bigger hack squat machines. It would be impossible to list all of them over here. As long as you have an eye on these two values, you should not have to bother about anything else.

Best Budget Barbells

when buying a barbell you should look for good build quality, tensile strength and price

All said and done, here’s a look at the best budget barbells that I was able to find during the course of my research.

#1 - CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar for Weightlifting and Power Lifting

This is the One I Bought

CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar for Weightlifting and Power Lifting is the first cheap barbell model

My personal favorite is the CAP 7-Foot Olympic Bar that comes in several variations that allow you to choose the best one for your fitness requirements. The different variations have different types of knurling. There’s ones with center knurling and without it.

But more importantly, the material and the finish varies too.

Tech Specs 

  • Size – 87.8 x 3.39 x 3.39”
  • Weight – 44 lb.
  • Tensile Strength – From 110,000 PSI to 230,000 PSI
  • Shaft Length –51.5
  • Sleeve Length –15” to 16.35”
  • Other Features - 2 x 10 Pin needle bearings and 2 oil-impregnated bushings

What I like

The CAP 7 foot barbell is an absolute brute that’s constructed at the quality of much higher-priced barbells. All variations are made from high tensile Japanese steel. But if you are a beginner or a teenager, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and buy a bar that can support 1000 lb.

You can pick the basic version, which The Beast and work on your form.

Customer Reviews – With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, the Cap 7-Foot Barbell is one of the top-rated models at this price point. Most customers talk about the incredible value this bar offers. There are people who have bought this as a beginner bar and ended up using it as a permanent bar in their home gyms.

Body-Solid Tools Olympic Straight Bar (OB86) is the second cheap barbell model

Body-Solid is an excellent brand for anyone looking for budget priced barbells. But don’t let that fool you into believing that this is any lesser than a commercial bar. It’s not. It has a 600 lb. max weight rating and a sleeve length of 11.25”.

A triple chrome plating prevents the bar from flaking and protects your hands from metal shards, which is a common problem with poorly made barbells.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 86 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Weight – 37 lb.
  • Tensile Strength – NA
  • Shaft Length – 51.5
  • Sleeve Length – 15.75”
  • Other Features –No Bushing. Center Knurling

What I like–This is a very versatile bar that can be used for almost all types of barbell training. It has both, center and side knurling and a 30 mm diameter. This means that you can do both, squats as well as Olympic lifts like the Clean & Jerk.

Customer Reviews – The Body Solid Olympic bar has an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5. The reviews are largely positive and are about the construction quality. There are customer who speak about putting the bar through its paces for over a year. The bar is practically blemish free. That speaks volumes about the quality of the bar.

RAGE Fitness Olympic Training Barbell is the third cheap barbell model

I have seen a lot of lifters wanting to jump straight into Olympic lifts. There’s one problem. They struggle with their form. That’s where this 6-feet barbell from Rage fitness comes into the picture. This is a lightweight aluminum barbell that allows you to get some hands on practice with your lifts.

But it’s designed exactly like a professional barbell, mind you. It features knurling, the same-sized shaft and a 28 mm diameter.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 73 x 3 x 3
  • Weight – 15 lb.
  • Max weight rating – 300 lb.
  • Shaft Length – 52
  • Sleeve Length – 10”
  • Other Features – Rotating sleeves with bushing

What I like –The 15 lb. weight makes this ideal for both adults, teens as well as female athletes who are not looking to get started with a 44 lb. barbell straight away. While this is a terrific barbell for learning the basics of Olympic lifts, it’s nothing lesser than an actual barbell. It has a max weight rating of 300 lb. That’s more than what 90% of home gym users lift.

Customer Reviews – You’d expect most of the reviews to be from beginner lifters. But it’s actually the opposite. Most reviews are from experienced lifters instead, who are using the bar for heavy workouts. Another feature that a lot of reviews mention is the size. While it’s one-foot smaller than standard barbells, it has a 52” shaft. This allows you to rack it on the bench or in a squat cage. The average customer rating for the Rage Fitness Barbell is 4.7 out of 5.

The XMark Lumberjack 7' Olympic Barbell is the fourth cheap barbell model.png

The Lumberjack is one of my favorite Olympic barbells. This is a moderate flex bar, which means that it’s terrific for most Olympic lifts. It’s not as stiff as a standard barbell, but does not whip as much as a professional grade bar either.

So, if you are just getting started with an Olympic-styled workout program like Stronglifts 5 x 5, then this is the bar for you. At the same time, you can easily use this for crossfit as well as other regular lifting programs. It’s a 7-feeter though.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 86 x 3.3 x 3.3”
  • Weight – 44 lb.
  • Max Weight Capacity – 700 lb.
  • Shaft Length – 51.5”
  • Sleeve Length – 16.25”
  • Other Features –Brass Bushing & Manganese Phosphate coating on the shaft

What I like – The X Mark lumberjack offers one of the finest finishes that I have ever seen in a barbell. The corrosion and abrasion resistance is top notch. There are customers who have used this for years without even a single instance of flaking or peeling. Club that with brass bushing for smooth, stress free lifts. At 700 lb. this is on par with much higher priced models.

Customer Reviews – The Lumberjack also earns the distinction of being one of the few barbells that have an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5. That’s insane. Almost every review speaks about the quality and how it’s comparable with bars priced south of $1000. The knurling, the whip, the bushing, everything is top quality.

The Titan fitness olympic bar is our fifth cheap barbell model

This is the entry level Olympic Bar from Titan Fitness, and it’s a brute. It’s a 7-feet standard bar with a slightly thicker diameter at 30mm. A lot of lifters use Fat grips to train. This might be an easier solution.

The max weight rating is an impressive 700 lb. and it is chrome plated all over.

The knurling is mid-deep and does not bite into your skin even when you are moving 500 lb. and more. It’s not a very stiff bar either. I personally find the whip to be sufficient enough for heavy cleans.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 84 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight – 45 lb.
  • Max Weight Rating – 700 lb.
  • Shaft Length – 52”
  • Sleeve Length – 16”
  • Other Features –Diamond knurling and bushings

What I like – This can easily pass off for a much higher priced Rogue barbell. Everything from the knurling to the chrome plating, it’s perfectly designed. The 700 lb. weight capacity might be misleading. There are customers who are doing clean and jerks at 690 lb. with zero problems. That speaks volumes about the yield strength of this bar.

Customer Reviews – The Titan Fitness Bar has an average customer rating of 4.9 out of 5. That’s as close as it gets to a complete 5. I even spent an hour trying to find something negative about this bar on messaging boards and Reddit. Nada. Every review recommends this as a great economy bar for home use. There are a few who are using this in commercial settings too.

#6 - Synergee Games Barbell, 15kg and 20kg Colored Cerakote Barbells

The Synergee Games 15kg and 20kg Colored Cerakote Barbells is our sixth cheap barbell mode, it comes in several colors and sizes

I was quite surprised when I saw the Synergee Games Barbell in use, in an amateur powerlifting competition in Iowa last year. These guys typically don’t touch anything else other than Rogue. But one of the competitors was using this instead and he had a sizeable amount of weight racked on the bar.

Flexed perfectly. After the competition, I checked it out myself and was quite impressed with that Cerakote coating. Really smooth and machined to perfection.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 86.75 x 3.2 x 3.2”
  • Weight – 33 lb. & 44 lb.
  • Tensile Strength – 190,000 PSI
  • Max weight rating – 1500 lb.
  • Shaft Length – 51.5
  • Sleeve Length – 16.4”
  • Other Features –1.2mm knurl and 10 needle bearings

What I like – The Synergee Games barbells are available in two configurations. There’s the 33 lb. version for female athletes and the 44 lb. one for men. Both variations are available in red and black cerakote coating. The 33 lb. one has a 25 mm grip with dual knurl marks.

The big draw though, is the max weight rating. Most cheap Olympic barbells have an average weight rating of 500-700 lb. This one tops the chart with a whopping 1500 lb. max weight rating. If you were looking to move heavy weight, you’ve just found the perfect bar for it.

Customer Review – The average customer rating is an impressive 4.7 out of 5. As expected, most customer reviews compare this to Rogue Bars. There’s a female athlete who bought this because Rogue were backordered. She calls it the best purchase in her life. Can’t beat that!

THE BEAST is the most basic barbell CAP offers, and our seventh entry on the cheap barbell list

The Beast is the most basic offering from CAP Barbell. But you’d be surprised at how well this is built and the weight capacity too. It has a black oxide coated shaft with chrome plated sleeves. The bar is 86” with a 28 mm diameter.

It features a medium depth diamond knurled surface, which provides you a firm grip even with sweaty palms.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 87” x 3.3 x 3.3”
  • Weight – 44 lb.
  • Tensile Strength – 110,000 PSI
  • Max weight capacity – 1000 lb.
  • Shaft Length – 51.5
  • Sleeve Length – 15”
  • Other Features –Excellent sleeves that rotate easily

What I like –I like the built quality and the fact that it comes with a max weight rating of 1000 lb. But the tensile strength is 110,000 PSI which kind of makes me skeptical about loading anything more than 450 lb. on this.

That said, 90% of the people who use barbells at home stick to the 400-500 lb. range for most of their lives. Unless you are looking to lift beyond 500 lb., just ignore what I said and get the bar.

Customer reviews – The Beast beats a lot of other higher priced bars in this list with an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5. Not bad at all for one of the cheapest Olympic barbells that you can buy. Customers talk about the quality and the fact that it can move a shit ton of weight without wobble or warping.

The ARCHON is a female barbell and the eigth cheap barbell model

This one’s for the ladies. This is a beautiful (literally) Barbell from Archon that has an impressive tensile strength of 150,000 PSI. That’s a lot more than the Beast Barbell which I just reviewed. This one though has a max weight rating of 750 lb.

Once glance at the bar and you’ll be sold. It features a zinc and cerakote coating all over, which makes it one of the most corrosion-resistant options in this list.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 86 x 3” x 3”
  • Weight – 44 lb.
  • Tensile Strength – From 150,000 PSI
  • Shaft Length – 51.5
  • Sleeve Length – 16.3”
  • Other Features – 4 Ball Bearings & 2 Bush Bearings

What I like –Smooth rotations! The combination of the Needle Bearings and the bush bearings produce such a smooth rotation that it allows you to perform even the most difficult Olympic lifts with zero strain on your wrists.

Customer Review – The Archon Barbell is quite popular among female athletes. While a majority of them use it as a backup barbell for home use, there are professional athletes who have used this in the gym to move, in excess of 600 lb. They talk about how effortless the lifts were, thanks to the perfect whip on the bar. Also, zero flaking after months of use. So that coating’s there to stay. Almost forgot to mention that the average customer rating is 4.7 out of 5.

The ninth cheap barbell is the Beenimed Hybrid bar, which comes in 6 and 7 feet

The Beenimed hybrid bars are available in two sizes, that’s 6 & 7-feet. It’s called a hybrid bar because it has enough whip to be used for basic Olympic moves. But it’s not as flexible as pro bars. So you can use this for moves that do not require the additional whip as well.

The construction is top notch. It’s chrome plated, features diamond knurling and has a max load capacity of 300 lb.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 86 x 2.8 x 2.8”
  • Weight – 25.35 & 34.17 lb.
  • Max weight rating – 300 lb.
  • Shaft Length – 51.5
  • Sleeve Length – 13.6
  • Other Features –Needle bearings

What I like – For a budget priced bar, the quality is phenomenal. I mean, most mid-priced barbells don’t even feature bushings. This one comes with needle bearings, which due to the larger contact area allows a smoother rotation. Even if the bar material doesn’t have a lot of whip, the sleeves will prevent a jarring experience when you move the weight.

Oh, also the fact that you can pick a bar that fits in your home. Both versions are compatible with racks and benches.

Customer Reviews – The Beenimed Hybrid bars have an average customer rating of 4.3. That’s not necessarily bad though. This is a recent entrant into the market and I believe that the reviews will improve with time.

#10 - The Rogue Bar 2.0

The Rogue bar 2.0 is our tenth cheap barbell, a bit more expensive, but unmatched in quality

I couldn’t complete this list without the Rogue 2.0. This is hands down, the best barbell that money can buy. It’s completely machined and made in Columbus USA. You’ve got to take a look at the new grooved sleeves if you still haven’t.

You can also customize the bands now.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 87.8 x 3.3 x 3.3”
  • Weight – 44 lb.
  • Tensile Strength – 190,000 PSI
  • Shaft Length – 51.5
  • Sleeve Length – 16.40
  • Other Features –Self-Lubricating Composite Bushings

What I like – Pretty much everything! What’s not there to like? This is a work of art. Its quality craftsmanship, made here in the USA. The shaft features a black zinc coating while the sleeves have a bright zinc one. The Whip is excellent. So are the new machined knurling marks. Hard to go wrong with this.

Customer Reviews – The Customer reviews for the Rogue 2.0 are practically flawless. This bar probably is used more in commercial settings than in homes. Bulk of the reviews speak about the versatility of the bar. It’s an all-round barbell that can seamlessly go from a Olympic power move competition to a Crossfit competition.

What Characteristics to Look for When Buying a Cheap Barbell?

When shopping for a cheap barbell you should look for good materials, tensile strength and price

The moment you type ‘Cheap Barbells’ into Google, get ready to be bombarded with an avalanche of absolutely worthless barbells. But many of these are aggressively marketed and I even suspect that some of the reviews are rigged.

That’s why I decided to create a brief checklist that you can use to separate the chaff from the wheat.

Tensile Strength & Max Weight Rating

Tensile Strength & Max Weight Rating is important to look for when looking for a barbell

The first thing that I look for while shopping for barbells is the Tensile strength. Then I correlate this with the max weight rating. Many a time, you’ll discover that manufacturers paste a huge number under max weight rating. But when you compare it with the tensile strength, there’s a huge disparity. Ideally, look for a tensile strength of 150,000 and more.

The max weight rating is subjective. But if you generally lift around 300 lb., go for a bar that can lift 500 lb. without creaking or groaning. Trust me, you’ll outgrow that weight limit a lot sooner than you think, you don't want to end up with a bent barbell because you decided to measure your fitness level by trying more weights than you are used to.

Overall Build Quality

Overall Build Quality is always important to look for when looking for a barbell

There are several qualities to look for while analyzing how well a barbell is designed.

  • The material, in all probability will be steel alloy. Check the coating. There are about 6 types of coatings used in barbells. The most notable & durable ones are Black Oxide, Black Zinc, Hard Chrome (Best of the lot) & Cerakote. Cheap Barbells can also have a decorative chrome coating, which the manufacturer tries to pass off as hard chrome. So be aware of how to spot the difference. Does the barbell flake after a few months of use? Do metal shards pop up? Check the customer reviews, you don't want to end up with rusty weights and barbells. 
  • Bushings vs Bearings – Bushings are generally found in Olympic barbells and allow for faster moves like the sumo deadlifts. Bearings on the other hand are found in more conventional barbells and allow for slower moves. A lot of hybrid barbells these days offer both, which makes them well suited for a variety of workout programs.


Price is another to look for when shopping for a barbell

Price is rarely an indicator of quality, as this article shows. You can totally find a great barbell for 50% of the cost of a branded one.

Benefits of Owning an Olympic barbell

Olympic barbells are better because they have rotating sleeves, high tensile strength and whip

Do you really need an Olympic barbell? That’s a question that I have heard multiple times from people looking to work out at home. Well, that depends to be honest. If you are looking to set up a home gym, or even looking to get started with any  hypertrophy, bodybuilding training or strength program, even for youth weight lifting training for your teens, you need a decent barbell.

Why not start with an Olympic one? Most quality workout programs these days involve one or more Olympic lifting moves.

Here’s a look at some of the advantages of owning an Olympic barbell.

  • Whip – If you are looking to wet your toes in Olympic lifts, you need a bar with a fair amount of whip. Standard bars do not offer whip. They are rather stiff and you will have to produce the momentum yourself to propel the weight upwards. An Olympic bar on the other hand will produce the whip which allows you to propel the weight up.
  • Rotating Sleeves – Olympic barbells have rotating sleeves. This minimizes the torque produced by the plates and hence, reduces the stress on your wrists. You won't have to change these sleeve adapters very often.
  • Higher Tensile strength – Olympic barbells generally have a higher tensile strength as compared to standard bars. This means that you can move a lot more weight without the bar dying on you.

For Home Use Which Olympic Barbell Do I Recommend?

An olympic barbell is great to have for a home gym setup

All said and done, which is the Olympic barbell that’s best suited for home use? Here it is.

DTX Fitness 4ft Barbell Weight Bar

The DTX Fitness 4ft Barbell Weight Bar is our top choice for home gyms because it saves a lot of space

If you are not looking to use the barbell with a squat rack or a bench, then this 4-feet barbell from DTX fitness might be a great choice. As made obvious by the name, it’s just 4-feet long. But you might be surprised to know that it has a 330 lb. max weight capacity. So, it can sustain a fair bit of weight.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 48” x 2” x 2”
  • Weight – 11 lb.
  • Max Weight rating – 330 lb.
  • Sleeve Length – 10”
  • Other Features –2 Spin lock collars

What I like – Terrific barbell for compact spaces. Don’t get swayed by the short length. It offers a fair bit of flex and the ability to move 330 lb. At that size and price, you can’t ask for more really. Olympic lifters would like to be aware that the diameter is 23.5”.

Customer reviews –The DTX Fitness 4 feet barbell has an average customer rating of 4.6 out of 5. The reviews unanimously state that this is a great barbell for the price. If you are short on space but want a bar that doesn’t skimp on quality, this is your ticket.

This is the Olympic Barbell to buy if you have more money to spend

If you are willing to loosen the purse strings a little (or a lot), then check this one out.

Kabuki Strength New Generation Power Bar

The Kabuki Strength power bar is an amazing choice for powerlifters

The Kabuki Strength New Generation Power Bar (Currently Sold out) is a rage among powerlifters, and anyone who prioritizes quality over everything else. The bar boasts of a 250,000 PSI rating. Club that with a 51 RC on the Rockwell hardness scale and you have an indestructible barbell.

Be rest assured that this will outlast everything in your gym and possibly, even yourself.

Tech Specs

  • Size – 86.5 x 3.4 x 3.4”
  • Weight – 44 lb.
  • Tensile Strength – 250,000 PSI
  • Max weight – 1500 lb.
  • Shaft Length – 51.5
  • Sleeve Length – 16.5”
  • Other Features – Zinc, Black Oxide & Nickel coating. Snap Rings.

What I like – This is probably the only barbell you’ll ever need to buy. It is built like a tank. While it is designed primarily for power lifters, it is versatile enough to be used for all types of workout programs. You can use this for Crossfit too.

Customer Reviews – The Kabuki Strength power bar has an average customer rating of 5.0. That’s an unprecedented 100% positive rating. The reviews are mainly from professional athletes who mention that this is unlike any other barbell they’ve ever used.

Tips to Maintain an Olympic Barbell so It Lasts Longer

Barbell maintenance is extremely important, you need to protect the coating and bearings to keep them functioning

Irrespective of whether you are using it at home, or in a gym, a barbell tends to be the most abused piece of equipment. That’s precisely why you’ve got to maintain it to ensure that it lasts as long as it should.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your barbell.

  • Clean the chalk – Using chalk is great for grip. But leaving it on the knurling will attract moisture. With moisture, comes rust. So grab a stiff nylon bristle brush and scrub it off after every use.
  • Wipe with oil –Take a rag, spray some WD-40 and wipe it down once a week.
  • Maintain the sleeves – Most barbells feature oil impregnated bearings or bushings. If that’s not the case, then you should oil the sleeves to keep the rotation smooth.

Top Olympic Barbell Brands

To be honest, I didn’t expect so many new brands offering Olympic barbells in the market. What’s even more surprising, is that a lot of these brands have products that rival the old timers. On that note, here’s the top 3 barbell brands.


Rouge is a famous brand that makes premium quality barbells

No Surprises. American made, known for its premium, machined quality and durability. Pay the extra buck or two and get Rogue if you can. Even when they roll out affordable equipment, the quality is still up to snuff. I came across their adjustable dumbbells and couldn't believe how solid they were despite being the brands cheapest model. And yes, they roll out big machines too like the J Hook squat rack - with no compromise to the quality.

Cap Barbell

CAP are famous for their lineup of great barbells

CAP is not technically a manufacturer. But they have earned their stripes in a crowded marketplace with some great budget priced offerings. The quality is excellent too. The have a great lineup of barbells worth checking out. 

Titan Fitness

Titan fitness is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to making barbells

Another brand that’s quite popular with the spendthrifts. Titan’s products are made in China. But so are most other brands. At least, they are not trying to hide it behind a fancy label.

FAQ about Buying a Budget Olympic Barbell and Using It

Now we answer a few questions about Olympic barbells

Q. Are Olympic Barbells Durable? how Long Do They Last?

A. Most Olympic barbells are made of Steel alloys. This means that they can withstand a fair amount of abuse. That said, there have been cases of cheap barbells warping or bending. But that generally occurs when users try to stretch the bar beyond its rated max load and tensile strength.

Q. Is a Warranty Provided with Olympic Barbells?

A. Yes, it is. The Industry standard is 2-5 years and varies from one brand to another. Some newer brands offer 10-year warranties too.

Q. How Much Should an Olympic Barbell Cost?

A. The cost of an Olympic barbell can range from $80 to $1000 and more. It all depends on the brand, the material, the tensile strength, the yield strength, the max weight load and the overall design.

Q. What Is a Good Price for A Barbell?

A. Ideally, a barbell that costs $150-300 should be great for home use.

Q. Why Are Olympic Barbells so Expensive?

A. As I have tried to explain, there’s a lot of work that goes into engineering the perfect barbell. In fact, any barbell that’s very cheap would automatically raise eyebrows. Simply because brands cannot offer ridiculously cheap prices without cutting corners.

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