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5 Essential Fitness Exercises to Transform Yourself at Home

We know daily physical activity is great to optimize health. But a single search over the web will expose you to limitless workouts, exercises, and ideas.

There’s so much info available that we barely know what works and what doesn’t – getting overwhelmed is a matter of minutes.

Don't worry – we've got your back, and we'll point out the 5 essential fitness exercises that every routine should include.

No matter what your goals are – burning fat, getting rid of belly fat, losing weight, gaining muscle, or improving endurance, a few workouts a week will give you visible results within weeks only.

Here’s everything you need to know to observe a change in how your clothes fit.

Top 5 Essential Exercises to Do at Home

Go through best 5 exercises to transform at home

Here are a few classic exercises that have worked since forever – basically, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.


do lunges at home and get effective results

Lunges work in two directions. First, they improve your balance – essential for further workouts. Second, they work wonders on your glutes and legs. It might not be the secret to building bigger quads, but still, they're definitely great for your legs.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Make a step forward with the left leg. The right knee will bend as you go and kneel. The left thigh should be parallel to the floor, while the right thigh must be perpendicular to it.

Push yourself up and repeat switching legs.

Perform about 10 repetitions – one for each leg, then take a minute break. Do three or four sets. You will experience burning sensations in the thighs, but you will also feel your heart beating faster.

How many lunges you perform will impact how much calories you burn and how fast you will build the muscles worked by this exercise.

There's no equipment required for this exercise – do it anytime, anywhere.

Video: Lunges

Here is a video demonstration on how to do lungs properly

Push ups

push ups at home will provide better shape to upper body

This is one of the oldest exercises in history. It works on more parts of the body and represents a staple for all workouts – again, you don’t need any equipment, but only the body weight. If you're considering adding any calisthenic exercises to your regimen, this is it.

Start in the plank position – excellent for your whole core, right? The entire upper body will be worked in this position.

Bend the elbows and lower the body to the ground. Extend your elbows once your chest almost touches the ground and return to the initial position.

Now, there are more varieties of this exercise – you can keep elbows by the body, bending outwards or perhaps the palms facing each other.

You'll work on your chest, yet different palm and elbow movements will target different parts of the arms, too – such a simple exercise and so much versatility.

Video: Push Ups

Here is a video demonstration on how to do push ups


doing burpees at home is the best full body workout

You just can't go wrong with burpees – they are annoying, and you hate them, but you know they'll give your whole body an outstanding workout.

Stand with the feet shoulder apart and arms hanging loosely by your sides. Move hands in front of you and start squatting down. Touch the ground with your hands, then explode your body in the push up position.

No push ups though – just jump the feet towards the palms as you bend from the waist. Stand up upright in a quick move and repeat.

Your heart will start beating like there's no tomorrow, and you'll feel the pressure all over the body – great to start your routine and warm up a bit too.

Video: Burpees

Here is a video demonstration on how to do burpees


planks are great as they can work on your whole core

Looking for something that will work on your whole core? Planks are great then as they are some of the best core exercises. They might not be as advanced as the planche lean, but still worth shooting for if you want to get abs fast

There are more varieties. You can do it on your elbows or perhaps keep the arms straight. Breathe in a very organized manner when performing this exercise – you need to focus.

This is the type of exercise that will take a minute but feel like an hour.

Try to maintain the rigid position for 10 seconds and work from there. Longer is better. Don’t attempt to go for a minute or two from your first tries.

Planks are similar to push ups but if you are a total beginner, it's better to do push ups until you build enough muscle to do planks.

Video: Planks

Here is a video demonstration on how to do planks properly

Glute Bridges

if you really care about lower body then do glute bridges

Glute bridges are also among the 5 essential fitness exercises if you care about the lower body – plus, it will give your booty a rounder appearance.

Go on the back on the floor – bend your knees and keep your feet on the ground. Arms should be by your side – palms must face down.

Push your middle up through the heels. As you raise your hips, you must put pressure on the core, hamstrings, and glutes. Keep contact between the ground and shoulders.

Go as high as you can and maintain that position for a few seconds. Go down and repeat. Keep full control of every single move – even as you lower yourself down.

You should feel lots of pressure behind the thighs – perfectly normal.

Video: Glute Bridges

Here is a video demonstration on how to do planks properly


Still unsure what to do next?

How Do I Build My Full Body Strength?

Full body workouts will obviously give you full body strength. The above-mentioned exercises will work on pretty much everything – your cardio function, balance, arms, legs, core, back, and chest.

They are simple, indeed, but you can always enhance them with extra weights or try out all sorts of variations.

What Are the Best Exercises to Do at Home?

In today's society and given the popularity of fitness, you can come up with your own gym at home – a fitness gadget, weights, and all sorts of equipment.

However, body weight exercises represent the best choices out there – you only need a bit of space and no actual investments, but your time. Besides, these make for some of the best cardio to do after workouts, are great exercises for seniors, and can be used as beginner exercises for teenage girls and boys.

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