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Top 5 Essential Core Exercises – The Necessity of Core Training

Any exercise involving the use of both back and abs muscles is considered a core exercise. Since it targets muscles on both sides of your upper body, chances are it is complex enough and targets further groups too.

The best part about core exercises is you don’t need a gym membership. You can add them to your regimen of essential fitness workouts and transform yourself in the comfort of your bedroom.

Now, we’ve all wondered where to start – after all, the plank is probably the most popular core exercise out there.

Here are 5 essential core exercises to get you going, as well as how to perform them correctly.

What Is Core Exercise?

core exercise can help you get better shape, improve your posture and enhance your balance

If the exercise implies using the back and abs to perform, it can be considered a core exercise – simple as that. It will help you get rid of belly fat, tone your abs, build some back muscle and improve stability and balance.

Most importantly, core exercises target your everyday abilities by maintaining the spine in good condition – you use it for almost every move you make.

You don't need specialized equipment to perform these and some other bodyweight exercises, and you can reach your fitness goals much faster than normally – after all, a strong core will also help you perform other exercises, be it calisthenics or weight workouts.

Just because you don’t need weights for many core exercises, it doesn’t mean that all of them go in the same direction. There are plenty of exercises that will require different pieces of equipment or actual weights - such as dumbbell-only workouts, or sumo squats. 

Most people perform core exercises without actually realizing it – they try to focus on their abs muscles. If the back hurts too, chances are you’re doing a core exercise.

Top 5 Core Exercises

Here are top 5 core exercises to improve your strength

All in all, here are 5 essential core exercises to get you going.


Plank is considered as the most effective core exercises

The plank is a classic and for some good reasons. It is the ideal exercise to use in this core enhancing venture. The movement involved is minimal. However, you can also change the exercise, as there are more varieties – make it easier or harder, based on your fitness level. You can start with push-ups instead of planks if you find planks hard, and then do planks when you are ready.

Generally speaking, you should support the lower body on both forearms. The rest of the body must be straight and rigid. The point is to hold this position for as long as you can. You can start with half a minute first and go on from there.

This is the type of exercise that looks simple, but it will make each minute feel like an eternity.

Video: How to Do Planks

Here is a video demonstration on how to do planks properly

Bird Dog Crunch

Bird dog crunch can help you get better abs

This exercise targets the abs and lower back in particular – it is often advertised to be an abs exercise, so if you want to get abs in a fortnight or you already have some 10 packs of abs, this exercise will make them more visible. But that's not all, it will work wonders on your back too. Apart from firing the lower back, this exercise will also improve your stability and balance.

Go on your knees and arms. From a kneeling position, raise the left arm out. At the same time, make sure the right leg is straightening out. Hold the position for a second and go back to the original position before changing sides.

Video: Bird Dog Exercise

Here is a video demonstration on how to do the bird dog exercise

Glute Bridge

By doing Glute, you can effectively strengthen your hips and butt

The glute bridge is a traditional exercise, and you have probably seen it done in the gym before. It is more common among women, but it is just as handy for everyone who wants better-looking glutes and a strong core.

So, what do you need to do? The exercise is straightforward and simple. Lie on the back. The hands should be straight on the floor. Your soles should be flat as well. Lift the hips off the ground while keeping the upper back there. In fact, apart from the bend by your knees, the body must be rigid.

Hold the position for a few seconds, and make sure you squeeze your glutes.

Video: Glute Bridges

Here is a video demonstration on how to do glute bridges

Reverse Crunch

Reverse crunch is a great exercise for quickly building up your lower abs

You cannot really go wrong with the reverse crunch because it kills your abs. But at the same time, it has beneficial effects on your back as well. You have to lie on the back. Bend the knees and bring them close to your chest.

As you lower the feet down to the ground in slow motion, you need to keep your feet slightly elevated. Then, the knees should be brought back up by your chest. The exercise will feel a bit tricky if your fitness condition is not the best, but you will get there.

Video: Reverse Crunches

Here is a video demonstration on how to do reverse crunches

Sitting Bicycle Crunch

Sitting bicycle crunches are great workout for your anterior abs. Learn how to do it

This type of crunch works on the abs, back, and hips, this exercise is similar to double crunches and works similar muscles. You will most likely feel the fire in your abs. Sit and bend your knees a little. Bring the right knee up towards your chest, while the left elbow should go downwards.

Try touching them, then repeat for the other side.

Keep the motion slow, or you risk injuring yourself.

Video: Sitting Bicycle Crunches

Here is a video demonstration on how to do sitting bicycle crunches


Still have some questions about essential core exercises, here are some more answers

Still undecided about the optimal exercises for the core?

What Muscles Make up The Core?

Most people believe the core is just the abs, but the back is also part of your core. Thighs and hips may also be considered by some personal trainers. All in all, there are about 30 muscles altogether.

What Are the Main Benefits of Core Training?

Good looks and top-notch functionality are the main aspects to consider. A strong core will support you throughout day-by-day activities.

How Can I Test My Core Fitness Level?

There is a simple test you can do – try doing the plank for a minute. If you can without shaking and crunching, you have a decent core fitness level.


To wrap up everything about the most essential and effective core exercises here is quick recap

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