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How to Lose Weight Using Recumbent Bike – Tips & Tricks to Rush the Fat Burning Process

The recumbent bike is more comfortable to use than other cardio machines – even easier to use than a classic upright bike.

You sit back in a slightly reclined position – it doesn’t even feel like a workout. The truth is it can give you good exercise if you do everything by the book.

Sure, an intense class on an upright stationary bike or an elliptical is better than any type of workout on a recumbent bike.

But does your physical condition allow it?

If you're looking for an exercise for an older person, a newbie, or those in a poor or normal fitness condition a recumbent bike fits the bill perfectly – advanced users will clearly choose something more intense, like calisthenic or weight lifting, and a bit of cardio after their workout.

Now, you want to burn some fat. Not sure how to lose weight using a recumbent bike?

Here’s everything you have to know to maximize your workouts.

Top 3 Workouts Using a Recumbent Bike

Go through top 3 workouts using a recumbent bike

The simple movement of pedaling on a recumbent bike will work on your cardio condition and burn fat, but some workouts are more effective than others.

Recumbent Cardio Sprints

Recumbent cardio sprints workout will help you burn calories faster

This is basically a type of HIIT workout. You can exercise for hours at a decent speed, but you can also opt for HIIT.

This workout takes about 20 minutes and will give you a good boost in cardio.

Start with a warm up session at a low speed for about five minutes.

This is when the action begins – increase the resistance by more levels and go for a minute at the highest possible speed.

Decrease it to the warm up speed for half a minute.

Alternate like this until you reach about 15 minutes on the bike – including the five-minute warm up.

Once you get there, slow down and go to the warm up level for about five minutes.

Endurance Training

Go for Endurance training using recumbent bike

This is the more boring type of workout, but it will get the job done. It’s a bit boring because there isn’t too much happening.

Warm up for a few minutes at a low level. Go up in resistance by a single level and workout for about five minutes. Keep doing the same until you find it difficult to pedal.

At that point, start going down in resistance after a few minutes, but only if you find it too difficult. If it’s doable, keep going at that speed.

Lower to the warm up resistance level to cool down a few minutes before finishing your workout.

Since this is about endurance, the workout should be long – put on a movie and go for at least an hour.

Full Body Workout

Opt for full body workout with recumbent bike

Just like you can lose weight with a rowing machine and still get to work your whole body, the recumbent bike also allows you to work your whole body.

The recumbent bike will work on the cardio function and your legs – why enjoy the comfort when you can burn some calories, get rid of belly fat and build some serious quads?

Warm up, then find a relatively difficult level that you can maintain for half an hour. You can also alternate between levels as you go through the workout.

Use the upper body for other exercises:

  • Weights around wrists
  • Dumbbells
  • No weights, but upper body warm up exercises

Use your imagination.

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Tips for Beginners

Know some beginner's tips on how to lose weight using a recumbent bike

Here are a few tips to consider when not sure how to lose weight using a recumbent bike.

Adjust everything. Start with the seat and go on with the pedals. Go for anything that can be adjusted and make sure your position is comfortable and correct.

Just like any other type of exercise, riding a recumbent bike starts with a warm up. Ride the bike at a low speed or do some stretching exercises nearby.

Maintain proper form, even if it feels like getting too comfy or hunching your back. Not only will a bad form affect the effectiveness, but it can also cause injuries.

Select the right resistance. Most newbies have no clue where to begin. Start with a low resistance to get used to the bike and find out how it works. Normally, you should adjust the level more times throughout your workout.

Keep busy. This is probably the best tip ever. Unless you go for HIIT exercises, the workout will become boring. You will lose motivation. Put on your favorite podcast. Turn the TV on. Put on a movie. Music helps, but you need something to keep your brain engaged.


Still undecided about getting a recumbent bike for your workouts?

Can You Lose Weight with A Recumbent Bike?

Absolutely. In fact, the recumbent bike is a cardio fitness gadget. It will give your legs a good workout, too, so you can give them a good-looking tone. And, unlike using a peloton bike to lose weight, or any upright bike for that matter, a recumbent bike gets the job done while still giving you a low-impact workout.

But then, the cardio machine will challenge your heart and help you burn calories and fat. And the good thing nowadays is there are a lot of affordable cardio machines that you can get, no need to spend a fortune.

Recumbent bikes are more advanced than ever and feature all kinds of bells and whistles to meet anyone’s goals; our review and comparison of the two recumbent bikes, the Nordictrack Vr21 and the Schwinn 270 proves that.

How Long Should You Work out On a Recumbent Bike?

Normally, fitness trainers recommend at least half an hour a day. It shouldn’t be too hard to find half an hour in your daily schedule.

For higher effectiveness, opt for at least an hour on the recumbent bike. Such workouts can go up to two hours too. Aim for at least five workouts a week – different days.

Just so you know, there’s nothing wrong with having a cardio workout every single day.

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Bottom line…

The recumbent bike has the advantage to help you burn fat in a comfortable way.

You can make it more intense and take your workout to another level, but you can also keep things steady.

Given its comfy profile, this bike is a primary choice for elders, those with a moderate fitness condition, or people recovering after injuries.

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