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Home Gym Design: Hulkfit Cable Crossover Review

Let's face it, a big chest and firm shoulders make your look beefy and having ten-pack abs and a solid back also feels good. But building a terrific torso does not happen overnight and demands that you be willing to exercise daily.

I have always found going to the gym a hustle, but I have never wanted to give up on keeping myself fit.

Having adequate space in my home and a large shed, I decided to utilize some of it as a home gym. This is how my backyard gym shed came to life.

I was particularly interested in targeting my upper body, so I started looking around for a suitable cable crossover. 

After a substantial research period and recommendations from my other fitness buddies, I settled on the Hulkfit cable crossover.

I have used the machine for months, and I can comfortably recommend it if you are willing to cut those extra pounds and want a toned body. Here is my honest hulkfit cable crossover review.

About Hulkfit

Hulkfit is a high-quality fitness product manufacturer that helps you achieve your fitness goals

Let's talk about the manufacturer first.

Hulkfit is an impressive company that makes sturdy equipment for home and garage gyms at affordable prices. All their products are backed by a two-year warranty, and I can vouch for their excellent quality.

They are available on the official Hulkfit website. But sometimes, due to high demand, they may be sold out. For such instances, you can always head over to Amazon and get the product you want.

Hulkfit cable crossover has amazing features that will help you achieve an effective workout

The Hulkfit cable crossover machine is a well-build product, designed for a home gym. It has helped me get fitter without having to take gym memberships. Below are more details on what this machine offers:

Body and load support

Hulkfit cable crossover features heavy duty steel frame with weight load capacity of 1000 pounds

This crossover features a heavy-duty square steel frame with nylon-coated cables to provide you with adequate training stability, and it can support a weight load of 1,000 pounds.

Its 2-inch diameter posts make it accessible to use a cast-iron plate and multiple bumper plates when training.

Cable crossover attachments 

Hulkfit cable crossover comes with attachments that allow several cable exercises

The machine comes with unique cable crossover attachments and an adjustable pulley system that pivots to allow several cable exercises. The attachments include double gym handles with comfortable rubber grips to provide exercise support and stability.

I particularly love how the cable crossover attachments are designed to be compatible with the Hulkfit Power Cage rack, which I find much more efficient than the classic J hook racks, which are mostly used for squats.

Ability to change the angles

Hulkfit cable crossover allows to change angles to perform different exercises

Since the Hulkfit cable crossover machine is adjustable, it allows for a wide range of movement exercises. It is terrific for strength training, weight lifting training and circuit training.

With this machine, you will excellently isolate muscles in your shoulders, abdominals, biceps, triceps, and legs, almost targeting your entire body.

Extremely versatile 

The machine is extremely versatile and allows training biceps on one day, only to adjust your abs workout and focus on the core the other day. Use your imagination, and there are plenty of cable exercises for all muscle groups.

On a side note, I don’t recommend training shoulders after chest day. There are certain combos out there you just cannot make because of fatigue and lack of efficiency.

Where to Get Hulkfit’s Cable Crossover Replacement Parts

To get hulkfit's cable crossover replacement parts, you can check out top fitness distributors websites

Gym cables can be a source of pain and frustration whether you are a professional trainer or a home gym owner. Whether you break cables while doing cable pec fly or cable rows, it can be very tricky to get it replaced.

Most gym distributors do not provide replacement components. It might not be very different for your Hulkfit cable crossover.

Apart from the Hulkfit website, your best bet, and what I would recommend, is using an online store.

I recommend using Amazon,,, or These companies can source the parts you need for your cable crossover machine. Of course, while ordering, you must be specific about the size and component of your cable crossover machine.

Perceptions on the Hulkfit Cable Crossover

Here is what fitness freaks, trainees, and other people think about hulkfit cable crossover

Different trainees and trainers have used the hulkfit cable crossover to boost their fitness journey, burn calories, and tone muscles. With this comes different opinions on the benefits and functionality of the machine.

If you head over to Reddit or Amazon, you can see additional feedback regarding the Hulkfit cable crossover and many other Hulkfit’s residential gym equipments. I have reaped substantial benefits from the machine and I'm happy with the results.

But like many other users, one of the things I found tricky about the Hulkfit cable assembly is that it didn’t come with detailed instructions on how to set it up. I spent a lot of time on this, which was annoying, but I finally did it.

Overall, once you assemble the equipment and start training, its worth becomes evident.

Alternatives to the Hulkfit Cable Crossover

Even though, this space saver exercise system is a sure bet to get toned muscle and a chiseled chest. But still there are many similar products available to make the right choice.

So, I have two alternatives you can use;

Valor Fitness BD-61 Cable Crossover is great equipment and hulkfit cable crossover alternative

This is a unique hardware combination. It comes with a plate-loaded machine, and its two arms are adjustable to give you the required flexibility. You can exercise with seven height positions. It facilitates lateral pulls and has a low-angle pulley that you can use for curls. 

All the pulleys have a 180-degree movement, which is an excellent feature for unrestricted movement.

You can supplement this machine’s lat pulldown attachment with a split-pull-up bar in case you are looking for progressive and optimal overload for more strength.

The only downside to this equipment is that you must have your plates for loading.

FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover

FreeMotion Dual Cable EXT Crossover is another hulkfit cable crossover alternative with a dual set up

This machine's USP is its state-of-the-art design and compactness. The arms are highly adjustable to enable you to carry out any combination of exercises.

Since the machine has a dual setup, you can use it with a training partner. Just make sure you all have individual weight stacks.

The leg strap attachments on the FreeeMotion EXT allow you to perform lower body exercises at a lower angle. The machine’s swivel pulley and rotating arm negate the need to maintain a specific angle for the pulley to remain aligned while training which is an added advantage.

This machine is, however, very costly, so only get it only if you are a gym enthusiast.

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