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NordicTrack Space Saver Treadmill

You don’t have to hit the gym every day to keep fit, with just the right gear at home, you can still get the best out of your cardio workout.  A treadmill is one such great addition to your home gym that is sure to help you cut those extra pounds and keep your body toned.

Granted, if you don’t have plenty of space around, you could be wondering whether adding a treadmill to an already cramped room is going to be such a great idea altogether. Not to worry, with a NordicTrack Space Saver Treadmill, you don’t have to give up on your weight loss efforts.

In this article, I will take you through virtually everything you need to know about NordicTrack treadmills, so buckle up!

Nordic Track Space Saver Treadmill

Nordictrack has been on the market for several decades

NordicTrack has been in the business of manufacturing home fitness and exercise equipment since 1975. And although they have perfected the making of different equipment such as rowers, strength machines, elliptical, and bikes among other equipment, treadmills are by far the company’s bread and butter.

So if you are on the hunt for a treadmill that cuts it as far as your treadmill runs go, you can bet on one of the company’s long line of awesome options, some of which I will discuss up next.

The T 6.5 S

Cheapest & Most Compact Model from NordicTrack

The T 6.5 S is one of the most popular Nordictrack treadmills on the market

Let’s get started with one of NordicTrack’s most popular treadmills out there.

This one is actually entirely sold out on their website, not that you should even place an order from their website directly. I would recommend only placing an order for one of their treadmills either through amazon or Dicks Sporting Goods.

Reason? What if you want to return it? Dicks Sporting Goods and Amazon both have excellent customer service and are hassle free.

The only place that you can even find this model anymore is from amazon. You can read the reviews here and see just how popular it is. It's quite hard to believe actually. Just take a glance at the number of reviews here.

With a 5 inch backlit display, this one might seem small, but don’t let its size fool you, she still packs quite the punch.

One thing I love about this treadmill is the 22 inches by 55 inches tread belt, which is large enough to give you a worry-free exercise. Besides, running on a robust 2.6 CHP motor, the belt can hit speeds of up to 10MPH.

Compatibility is also one thing that this treadmill is great at, being iPod compatible for the sound system, and iFit compatibility for live interactive workouts, and even better, capable of working with up to 20 apps.

You also get a 10-degree incline, as well as OneTouch controls for super easy use. Above all, its ability to support users with up to 300 pounds in weight makes this treadmill a go-to option for both average and plus-sized people alike.

The only downside to this treadmill is that the display is a bit small compared with some of the other options out there.

The EXP 10i costs a bit higher but the great display is worth it

This one here is only available at Dicks Sporting Goods. It ships for free fortunately. You can check it out and read the reviews of it by clicking here.

For a treadmill with a larger display, dig deeper into your pocket and get yourself the EXP 10i, you can’t go wrong with its 10-inch HD smart touchscreen technology. And that’s not all this one is great at, since it also boasts a 12 percent incline technology, and a 3 percent decline, giving you the real feel of an outdoor run.

Besides, it also packs Bluetooth audio capabilities that will make your workout even more fun, not to mention that you also get an automatic trainer control. Combined with its two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers and Bluetooth audio capabilities, training with the help of a trainer becomes super easy.

I particularly love the EXP 10i’s AutoBreeze workout fan, which keeps you cool throughout your exercise. Not forgetting, it also has a FlexSelect Cushioning that will make the tread more comfortable for your feet.

The drive on this treadmill truly earns its keep, thanks to the 3.5 CHP motor, capable of delivering up to 12 MPH tread belt speed, and a smart response drive system along with a 1.9” precision balanced non-flex rollers make your workout safe.

Other great features as the 299-pound capacity, an integrated tray, real-time trainer controls, EasyLift assist, and its 20” by 60” commercial tread belt also make this machine worth every penny.

The EXP 7i

A 12 percent incline and responsive smart drive make the exp 7i one of the best treads around

If the EXP 6i is too small, but the EXP 10i sounds too big for you, then this EXP 7i will fit you just fine, with its 7-inch HD smart touchscreen display offering you great control over your workout.

That’s not all this treadmill got going for it, since you also get a 12 percent incline and a Smart-Response drive system along with a 1.9-inch precision non-flex rollers that keep you going.

Two 2-inch digitally amplified speakers as well as Bluetooth audio capabilities for live training sessions. An automatic trainer control is also on hand to chip in when you need it.

It gets even better with the high capacity of this treadmill, as it is capable of supporting an awesome 300-pound user and keep rolling. Albeit weighing a whopping 222 pounds, it’s still great at saving space, and an EasyLift Assist design ensures moving it around doesn’t have to be impossible.

Other features that make this machine worth going for include a FlexSelect Cushioning, AutoBreeze workout fan, a handy integrated tray as well as a 3.0 CHP motor with enough torque to give you up to 12 MPH.

Nordic Track Treadmill

NordicTrack treadmills stand out with a solid build and integrated workout apps

If you were keen, you have noticed that although these NordicTrack treadmills are slightly different, they have some common features.

So, what makes NordicTrack treadmills stand out?

 Many advantages make NordicTrack machines beat the competition, but none quite makes these machines unique than  their array of workout apps. With almost each of their treadmills packing in about 20 workout apps, you always get the chance to train efficiently.

Even better, you can use virtually any of their treadmills with the iFit membership to get that personalized fitness advice among other awesome benefits.

I also love the fact that you can create iFit Google Maps, so you are in control of your track’s incline and get the best Google Street views while at it.

Another thing that makes NordicTrack’s treadmills a mainstay for most fitness enthusiasts and even professional sportsmen and women is the wide range of options. With the manufacturer having several series models on the market, there’s always something for everyone at NordicTrack.

Nordic Track Treadmill Models

Nordictrack models vary in capabilities and prices

Whether you’re just starting out and need a basic treadmill that will help you learn the ropes, or you’re a seasoned fitness buff who has tried almost any other treadmill out there, you can still find something fitting with this manufacturer. It all boils down to their hoard of treadmill options that have different capabilities, and come at different prices too.

To give you a feel of what to expect with these treadmills, I’m going to take you quickly through the entry-level T-series, Incline trainers, and then a notch higher to the commercial series.

The T Series

The T Series is perfect for beginners

If you’re just starting out exploring what treadmills are all about, or you’re on a budget, and just want an affordable cardio machine, then the T-series is for you. However, don’t let the low price fool you, these machines still got some steam in them.

Starting with the power, their motors usually deliver about 2.6 to 3.6 horsepower, you can be sure to break a sweat with these treadmills. You also get about 10 percent to 12 percent incline to crank up the intensity of your workout and put your leg muscles to the test, although this too depends on the model you go for.

However, you will still get other awesome specs such as HD touchscreen display, FlexSelect cushioning, as well as Bluetooth compatible audio, mostly on the series’ higher-end models.

Incline Trainers

Incline Trainers are great for toning muscles and burning calories

If you are taking your workout sessions more seriously, then an incline trainer will get you to the next level. These machines are great for a few major factors; great metabolism boost, calorie burn can go up five-fold, muscle toning, and you still get a low-impact workout like with other cardio machines like bikes or ellipticals.

Unlike their T series cousins, these trainers bring a completely new meaning to incline, with up to 40 percent incline and a 6 percent decline. They are also iFit enabled, feature wireless heart rate monitors, and come with an impressive 50 onboard workout programs.

These include the X1 1i, the X22i, and the X32i, but they also differ slightly in some aspects, mostly on the power and displays. The motors on the different models pack up between 3.75 and 4.25 horsepower, while the screens range from 10 inches to 32 inches.

So if you want a treadmill that will see you start your journey to big gains from running but without going too hard on your knees or ankles, these are the ones.

The Commercial Series

Commercial Series have robust motors that can handle heavy-duty use

These models are best suited for frequent and heavy-duty use. Not only are their robust motors are ideal for serious heavy lifting, but they also pack top-quality specs and features that set them a notch above the rest.

To begin with, each model comes with the basic iFit training integration, heaps of preset programs, larger and more spacious tracks, and of course, large HD touchscreens.  Each of these machines comes with powered incline and declines (ranging from -3 percent to +15 percent) that you can use to vary your workout.

They also offer some outstanding top-notch deck technologies like runners flex cushioning for selecting between an on-road track or a cushioned one that is easier on your body. And to top it all, you get a WhisperQuiet function that absorbs and muffles your footfalls for a more quiet workout.

 There are three top models that you can get for your home gym; the Commercial 2450, Commercial 1750, and the Commercial 2950, each with top-of-the-line specs.

Nordic Track Treadmill Older Models

These models were great too despite the small display

Just as with any other company that has seen its fair share of decades on the market, NordicTrack too has some oldies that are still on the market although not easy to find them on the company’s website.

For instance, the brand is slowly pushing the C series treadmills to the background, including such models as the C1650, C1070, C990, C700, and the C590, which you can still find on Amazon. 

Desk treadmills are also no longer available on the manufacturer’s website anymore, although they are still on the market on Amazon. The Desk Treadmill and the Platinum Desk Treadmills feature work surfaces that connect nicely with your tablet for iFit workouts although these do not have those large workout screens you’ll find on most other models.

Nevertheless, they still have a desktop with a small window where you can monitor such aspects as distance as well as any other workout statistics. And yes, both of these are foldable too, if you want a treadmill that will save on space.

However, one thing you have to keep in mind is that these are very basic, starter treadmills, especially compared to the current high-tech NordicTrack machines.

Which Is Better Peloton or Nordic Track Treadmill?

Is Nordic better than Peloton
Peloton to packs the bang for the buck

While NordicTrack has established a solid foothold on the market, they are not the only manufacturer claiming a piece of the pie, and Peloton is one of the brands giving NordicTrack a run for their money.

After sweeping the market by storm with their first Peloton Tread going for $4,295, Peloton made it very clear that they were not only up and coming, but they are here to stay, and they mean business. 

So apparently, both NordicTrack and peloton are up there in the realm of the high-end machines. However, which of the two is worth the price?

Well, let’s find out next!

Peloton vs. NordicTrack

To give you a better understanding of how these two giants compare, here’s a rundown of each one’s specs. 

Peloton Treadmill

Peloton comes with some exciting specs
  • Speed: 12.5 mph
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Size: 72” high by 72.5” Long by 36.5” wide
  • Folding: No
  • Running surface: 20” wide by 67” long with 59 slat belt
  • Power: 2HP motor
  • Programs: Peloton digital monthly subscription
  • Fans: No
  • Weight: 455 pounds
  • Heart Rate monitoring: Compatible with Bluetooth chest strap, not included
  • Incline: 15 percent
  • Price range: $4,000 to $4,500

NordicTrack X32i

The X32i is packed full of awesome features
  • Speed: 12 mph
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Size: 73” high by 76.5” long by 40” wide
  • Folding: No
  • Running surface: 22” wide by 60” long with 2-ply commercial belt
  • Power: 4.25 CHP motor
  • Programs: 50 programs along with iFit coaching
  • Fan: Yes
  • Weight:  415 pounds
  • Heart rate monitoring: Compatible with Bluetooth chest strap, included
  • Incline: -6 percent to 40 percent
  • Price range: $4,000 to $4,500

Peloton Vs NordicTrack

Now, let’s dig deep and share our pick in each spec

Display: Both Are Awesome

Peloton display is remarkable
And so is the NordicTrack display

First, and most importantly, both have several similar features, including high-definition displays with 32-inch touchscreens for accessing training. And yes, they have automatic resistant adjustments too for live classes. 

Size: Peloton

If space is at a premium, go with  Peloton

With both treadmills being pretty big, whichever you go for, you’ll still need plenty of space, and enough headroom clearance to use it comfortably. If you don’t have much real estate set aside for your treadmill, then the smaller Peloton treadmill will suit you better. Otherwise, you might have to do with a smaller cardio machine like a foldable bike or a space-saving elliptical if you're really, like reeeeally tight on space. 

Running Surface: X32i

The X32i takes the trophy

With the Peloton Treadmill measuring 20” wide by 67” long, it’s being slightly thinner but with a longer deck than the X32i, which is 22” wide and 65” long, you can only go by your preference here.

However, when you look closely, you’ll notice other differences between the two, with the Peloton sporting a manual treadmill running on a ball-bearing railing, which is not very great at shock absorption.

On the other hand, the X32i sports an impressive reflex cushioning that works wonders for users with sensitive joints or bones, recovering from injury, or starters who want something easy on their legs.

Cost: Both are similar in price

NordicTrack treadmills can be a bit costly  but def worth it

It’s also worth considering the price range, which is similar in both, so the defining factor here should be the one with the best specs for you rather than the cost.

Power: X32i

The X32i packs in some serious power

Although I am going to pick the X32i for its robust 4.25 CHP while the Peloton has a 2HP motor, it should be noted that both of these motors still pack in quite a serious punch.

Also, you should know that the 4.25 CHP is the motor rating reading in a testing facility, but reaching it at home is very unlikely due to the low wattage limitations in residential areas. However, even with the power you have, you are still going to break a sweat with this treadmill.   

The incline: X32i

The X32i is the winner again with over 40 percent incline

Again, I will go with the X32i here, thanks to its wide range of incline, as you can set it from as low as -6 percent to +40 percent, which largely dwarfs the other commercial or residential treadmills out there. Seriously, even Peloton’s 0 percent to 15 percent incline range doesn’t get any closer.

Speed Range: Peloton

Peloton is the winner here with easily customize-able speed

What peloton lacks in the incline range, they make up for in speed, with a speed range of 0 to 12.5 MPH, which beats X32i’s 0 to 12 MPH. It might not sound as much of a difference, but trust me, once you’re on the track, you can feel the difference once you turn up the heat by that 0.5 mph.

Also, the Peloton is fully manual, which allows you to power it up with your strength, which is not fully possible with the X32i, unless you set it at 1 mph, and use its sled push bar for manual use.

Fan: X32i

X32i is not only the clear winner here, it also comes with a pretty cool fan

When it comes to the fans, it’s not a question of which one has the better fan, since Peloton doesn’t come with one at all. The X32i, on the other hand, has an inbuilt fan that you can set at various speeds to stay cool throughout your workout session. Now, here’s the best part, you can set it to adjust automatically depending on the intensity of your workout.

Heart Rate Monitoring: X32i

X32i's Heart rate monitoring is outstanding

Both of these machines have handy pulse grip handlebars that allow you to keep an eye on your heart rate during your session. However, I chose the X32i on this one because it comes with the Bluetooth-enabled iFit chest strap included in the package. In the contrast, Peloton doesn’t come with this important feature, you have to get it separately, or buy the most expensive package from the company to get an ANT and BLE strap.

Weight Capacity: Both Are Great

Both of these machines can take on up to 300 pounds

It’s hard to decide who to give this round to as both treadmills have a similar weight capacity of 300 pounds thanks to their robust frames. The choice here is all yours!

Workout Programs: X32i

With X32i you get a wide range of programs

The interactive coaching that you get with both of these machines sets them apart from the competition. However, the X32i takes matters to a whole new level with up to 50 workout programs built into this treadmill, along with a whole year’s free access to the iFit coach— a personal trainer program from ICON Health and Fitness, the NordicTrack’s parent company. We recently put the iFit app in a comparison against the Peloton app and it faired pretty well.

Once the free year iFit access is over, you have the choice of whether to cancel your membership or keep it for $15 per month. But why should I? You don’t have to really, but iFit offers some advantages such as saving your workouts in the profile to allow you to keep track of your progress and much more.

Unfortunately, the Peloton Tread doesn’t have any built-in programs. What you need to do is pay for a $39 per month membership besides purchasing the tread, which should grant you access to their company’s live classes. This allows you to follow along with trainers as you work out on your machine at home.

Are NordicTrack Treadmills Any Good?

Are NordicTrack treadmill good enough

The simple answer is yes. With NordicTrack dedicating time and effort to rolling out a line of great workout products, you can always find a great treadmill for your home gym.

And besides the treadmills themselves being built for heavy-duty use and durability, you also get other benefits such as the Google Maps technology, live training, and long warranties on the equipment. And no, not all of their treadmills are over the roof in terms of pricing, you can still find some starter options for well less than $1,000.

However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns; some of their models do not have such fancy features as the Bluetooth audio function, only limited models have this one. Besides, you will need to dig deep into your pocket to get their high-end, cutting-edge treadmills that are shaking the market.

Are Nordic Track Treadmills Reliable?

Just how reliable are NordicTrack treads?

From the entry-level T-series treadmills to the top-notch spec Commercial series and everything in between, NordicTrack is upholding a great deal of performance with their treadmills. And it all boils down to the solid construction of these machines, which gives them an outstanding performance over the competition.

What’s more, with the included programs, and a few touches of comfort that are to make your workout comfortable and more enjoyable, the company has managed to amass a great deal of market for itself.

Personally, some of the bits that I find most exciting about NordicTrack’s treadmills, especially the higher-spec ones, include the following.

Smooth and quiet operation, so you don’t have to disturb everyone else in the house just because you’re working out.

Extra-wide tracks make it easier to run comfortably on your treadmill thanks to the plenty of room available

The cushioning system is one of its kind. If you like a workout that’s easy on your joints and bones, or you are just recovering from a nasty injury, you’ll be thankful for this one.

They also have inclines, declines, Google Maps, and everything else to keep you on track, without making your workout session dull and boring.

Sturdy construction of the machines allowing them to support a significant amount of weight, and you always feel stable while on it. 

Which Nordic Track Treadmill Is the Best?

It's a personal choice here

To be honest, the best NordicTrack treadmill you can find out there depends on what you want out of the machine. Let’s face it, if you’re just starting, then a high-end Commercial Series treadmill with all its bells and whistles might feel like a mountain of equipment working against your workout efforts. In this case, a simple, entry-level treadmill will be the perfect choice for you,

On the other hand, if you’re an avid workout enthusiast, you are probably bumping up from the more basic, entry-level treadmills and exploring the great features the big boys have to offer.

Turns out, therefore, that what might be the best treadmill for you might be the exact opposite for someone else. The bottom line is that the best treadmill for you is the one that works best for you, and enables you to make the most out of your workout session.

Folding Treadmill/ Best Alternatives to Nordic Track that Save Space

There's a bunch of other folding treadmills on the market

If you are out of space, then you need an easily folding treadmill that can help you get the best of both worlds as far as saving space and burning those extra calories go. Here are some of the best options for you.

XTERRA TR150 Folding Treadmill

The XTERRA TR150 is one awesome machine

With a 2.25 horsepower motor pushing it at up to 10 miles per hour, and the sturdy construction allowing it to support up to 250-pound users, this treadmill would make a perfect addition to your home gym.

And there; it also has a large deck measuring 16 inches wide and up to 50 inches long, and up to 3 manual incline settings to allow you to set your treadmill to match your workout needs. you also get up to 12 preset programs that open a world of workout options for you to explore.

The deck also has an EXTRASoft cushioning that makes it perfect for ultimate impact absorption, and you have hand pulse grip sensors for monitoring your progress. Of course, the 5” console might not be as top-notch as most others out there, but the LCD console keeps you updated on all the essential information, including the pulse, distance, speed, and calories.

Measuring 63.4” by 28.75” by 51.4”, it’s a great treadmill for someone tight on space. And now, the best part, the folding design, which allows you to pull a knob to release the deck when you want to fold or unfold your treadmill, allowing it to collapse into an even smaller package, saving more space.

Sunny Health & Fitness Space-Saving Treadmill

A mix of alloy steel material and solid build makes this tread one of the sturdiest

Its maximum horsepower of 2.5 delivers a whopping 8 mile per hour speed rating, making this yet another great space-saving treadmill that still gets the job done.

Also, its alloy steel frame is still sturdy enough to take on up to 220-pound users and weighs up to 95 pounds itself.  An easy-to-use display allows you to keep track of your progress on such factors like speed, distance, time, and even calories burned.

To make your workout session fun, you can connect a 3.5mm headphone port to your treadmill and enjoy great tunes through the machine’s integrated speakers.  

The deck has shock-absorption technology that helps reduce any impact on your bones or joints, which unlike running on other concrete-hard tracks, lets you train safely, and for longer.

Other great features include a convenient tablet holder on the treadmill that is very cool when you need to keep a few items handy as you work out.

Then there’s the folding design, which allows you to easily and securely fold your treadmill flat when you’re not using it. Simply turn the machine's folding tool counterclockwise on the frame lock, then secure the frame in place with a treadmill key, then use the machine’s transportation wheels to move it around. Don’t misplace your folding tool, there’s a slot on the base of the machine for storing it.

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA SpaceFlex Electric Running Treadmill

The Asuna boasts great specs as a powerful motor and auto incline

The Sunny Health SpaceFlex boasts a strong 2.5 HP motor that can get its track to run at up to 8 mph, more than enough for a great workout session on the treadmill.

Besides, it also comes with an outstanding auto incline feature with a range of 3.2 to 6 degrees. This makes it very special if you want to challenge yourself to something more than just the flat track.

With the ability to support up to 220 pounds, this solid aluminum beast works just fine for both petite and big users alike. And while the treadmill's 127-pound weight might prove a challenge to move around, its inbuilt transportation wheels make things a little easier for you.

I love the LCD and the pulse monitor, both of which allow for easy tracking of real-time performance, giving you the data you need to know whether to pace up or maintain your speed.

The ability to fold flat from 57” by 28” by 48” to 19” long by 28” wide by 57 high, making it easy to tack away and save on your home gym space. Other great features like the treadmill’s 8 programs, with 3 customizable ones, and a Quick Speed Button for 3.5 MPH all of which add to your workout efficiency.

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