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The Meal Guide You Need for An Upcoming Road Trip or Travel

I travel a lot for work. Most of the time, my time is limited, and I have a lot of errands to run which makes whipping up a good meal challenging.

Initially, I would go for very unhealthy food options for satiety. But I faced a great share of their drawbacks. So, I intentionally had to work out ways to eat healthily and conveniently while traveling.

With the help of my nutritionist, I came up with an easy and cheap strategy for an excellent meal replacement for travel.

I will be sharing more information below.

My Top Two Picks

I will say though, for those that want specifics, the Essentials Shake from Lyfe Fuel and Ka'chava's meal shake are both by far the most superior clean bang for buck options, that to me taste the best. 

They are both easy on my stomach and have the highest quality nutrition profiles. I personally get the Chocolate one from Lyfe Fuel, this one here

And the Vanilla one from Kachava, this one here.

What Food is Good for Traveling?

Good food for traveling should be healthy, convenient, and nutritionally satisfying

For me, good traveling food is healthy, convenient, and nutritionally satisfying. It must stay fresh for long or be non-perishable. Food that ticks these boxes wins.

What Can you Not Eat on a Road Trip?

Junks, sugary beverages, highly processed foods, and drinks, packaged items you shouldn't eat when on trip

While on a road trip, you should avoid foods and beverages that are highly processed or those that contain unhealthy additions like preservatives and added sugars.

One thing I did when I started checking my weight was to cut back on eating sugar, you should too. I also prefer naturally sweetened meal replacements, like kachava is a great option if you're looking for a safe and healthy shake.

Personally, I avoid packaged sandwiches and wraps since these need to be eaten fresh. I don’t want the possible risk of an upset stomach because of a condiment that goes bad.

It is not a good idea to take a lot of caffeine because of its laxative effect. You may want to hit the bathroom every now and then.

Bubbly beverages like soft drinks and seltzer can give you gas and nausea, so it is best to avoid them.

Top 5 Meal Replacements for Travel

Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shake is one of the healthier alternatives as they are filled with nutrients but have fewer calories

I take meal replacement shakes, because they are filling but I always prefer to make them myself. You can completely replace meals with a shake, but you must strike a good balance for the fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

Shakes are usually fortified with different nutrients so they can fill the nutrient gap, primarily if you are focused on cutting down on calories. Having taken 2 protein shakes a day along with one meal before to lose weight, I can confidently say shakes do stands out for those looking to decide the amoung of calories you need to take.

When you make your meal replacement shakes, you can adjust the ingredients and add good quality ones as you prefer.

Meal Replacement Powders

Meal replacement powders are made from protein sources and free from added sugars and other harmful substances

All it takes to fix yourself a drink is adding water or milk to the powder, giving it a shake, and it is ready to drink.

These powders may be made from protein sources like rice, soybeans, hemp, or eggs. Typically, they have additives like thickeners, artificial flavors, and added sugars to enhance the bland taste of their natural forms.

These powders are a convenient and excellent source of protein. I myself like Kachava, and the Lyfe Fuel Essentials Shake, but there are other options you can choose from, like Shakeology or Huel.

Besides, keto meal replacement shakes do work great too, as long as you find a good one. And when you are preparing to hit the gym, I would advice loading up on your energy with a natural preworkout, preferably one without beta lanine. Personally, I prefer the 4-gauge preworkout, since it is super safe and packs one heck of a punch.

Before consuming it, make sure there are no chunks left.

Meal Replacement Bars

Meal replacement bars can be an excellent and convenient meal replacement option to rely on for energy while travelling

These bars make for great meal replacement alternatives as they are tasty and have good calorie content.

They are easily accessible as you can find them in almost all stores, and you don’t have to refrigerate them. However, some of the so-called healthy bars, are loaded with unhealthy additives like sugar. I go for bars made from ingredients like oats, nuts, dried fruit, or chia seeds.

This option is relatively cheaper than other meal replacement options. It may be unhealthy and has less filling compared to other options.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have many essential nutrients to meet your daily energy requirement

Nuts and seeds are excellent and come in different forms. They can be consumed in their raw form, roasted, or you can get their nutritional benefits in kinds of butter.

They are accessible, give you an energy boost, and give you carbohydrates, fat, and protein balance. They also have other naturally occurring minerals and vitamins.  

Some nuts and seeds have a very high content of “anti-nutrients” and phytic acid, and your body may not absorb some vital nutrients easily or in the right amounts.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are one of the best meal replacement options that you can rely on

For me, fruits and vegetables are healthy options since they are low in calories and can give me the satiety I need. Fruits are great options for hydration since it may be difficult to get fresh fruit juice every time. They are also excellent sources of fiber like vegetables.

You will not go wrong with vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli. I always pair my veggies with hummus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I eat healthy and cheaply while traveling?

Buy healthy groceries and prepare your meals yourself or in advance and opt to buy the groceries from inexpensive places like farmers’ markets. Go for healthy meal substitutes if you must eat in restaurants and carry healthy snacks in your pack to avoid starving on the go.

Can you replace every meal with meal replacement shakes?

You can, but you should not.

Meal replacement shakes do not provide you with similar nutrients a complete meal would give on its own. They may be convenient and help you feel full, but they can also make you go low on some vital nutrients and caloric needs.

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