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How I Built Wide Hips Without Exercising At All – Carrie June

By, Ben Mayz

It is inherently common for women to have wider hips than men. (1) Women are equipped with pelvic areas which are meant to expand in preparation and expedition of a baby’s birth.

Sequentially, young women’s hips begin to widen between the ages of twelve to twenty-two and often further into adulthood. Men’s hips widen following puberty; twenty to eighty. (2)

In the unique circumstance exercise(s) are beyond human ability, one should first turn to diet, position, and structure. If the progress is still not satisfactory some could resort to hip bands, hormonal therapy, or surgery.

Proteins are essential since they help repair muscles. Additionally, fats and carbs are helpful. A balanced diet is key. It's here where you should check your eating habits. You can stop eating sugar, eat one meal a day or fast altogether. Alternatively, you can stick to taking 2 protein shakes a day, try and see what works and what doesn't.

I have tried these different means in a bid to shake off a few pounds here and there, and seen them work wonders. I'm pretty sure they should work just as great for you too. 

The foods you must eat for a balanced diet are: lean meats, carbs, natural fats, fruits (sugar), and vegetables (fiber).


Processed meats do not provide the same nutritional value as other protein sources out there.

Avoid the following: (6)

  • Deli meats/cold cuts
  • Hot dogs/sausage
  • Canned meats
  • Tubbed beef
  • Bacon
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Beef jerky
  • Greasy hamburgers
  • Pepperoni, and pork belly - “Unless you desire to have a porky belly.”

Fish is the best meat to lean on. This is due to the Omega-3 fats within it.

EAT Fish high in OMGA#3’s:

  • Herring
  • Salmon
  • Sardines,
  • Swordfish
  • Trout
  • Oysters - Oysters – “are #1 go to’s” (7);

“Men, looking to get behind your women and hold on to her bold hips, go for Cajan dinner date”.

*Fun fact: oysters are also aphrodisiacs. Eat get in shape, romp good, sleep good. 


Slow digesting carbs will fill your figure up in all the right places.

Structure- Physics

Your sitting position is as pivotal as everything else in shaping your hips

‘One’s resting position has an effect on the human body's morph.’

Sit on your bottom with your back straight the pressure of your bum pushed outwards. The abdomen, torso, shoulders, and skull weight cause the hip mass to shift outwards.

Slumber Location

A firm sleeping surface shapes up your butt better than one that gives in

Where do we sleep? Just where you take a nap may also adjust the focus to the designated pelvic area. Lay on a firm mattress rather than a soft one for results. Firm surfaces will create more balance than give.

Sleeping Position(s)

Your sleeping position has a lot to do with how your butt shapes up

The most recognized ways to sleep are on a person’s back, stomach, or side. Laying on your side will ultimately condense hip-width.

When deciding between laying front up or front down consider which side of the body (front or back) carries heftier weight.

For the Bountiful  Booty Lovers

For those of you who are after a bountiful booty, picking the right sleeping position works the magic

1. Avoid sleeping on your back.

2. Be the big spoon if you sleep with a partner. Reduce sweat; contain voluptuous mass.

Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Cream

Booty magic butt enhancement cream - acquiring wide hips without exercise

BEARVANA Gummies for You Herbal Pink 

BEARVANA Gummies for You Herbal Pink - acquiring wide hips without exercise

Lotion/Skin-Cream: Tighten your booty yet, keep its jiggle. I personally love this product because it’s available in lotion or pill form. It’s also spell boundingly available. Visit your local Walmart or Amazon: (10)

Dietary supplements: Bearvana gummies not only taste delicious but will help grow all your goodies. Seek Amazon for Bearvana. The pink bottle enhances breast volume, The blue, for bouncy booties.

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Hip-Band Shift

Having some hip-band exerfcises or going about your business with a waist trainer on does help a big deal too

A woman is infatuated with a dress she found out shopping at Marshall’s. (4) She has looked everywhere and none of the gowns caught her eye as the satin forest green one did.

She's typically a size four. She rushed to the fitting room urgently. Unfortunately, after asking for the dressing station clerk to zip it up the back, it would not budge.

The lady insists, "No worries, I'll go grab one size up, rest here for a moment".

With a sigh of disappointment, she knocks on the designated door. "Pardon me,

I'm so very sorry Ma'am but, there were no more size six's. I brought you an eight. Would you like to try it on?"

The unsure woman takes her chances. She solely zipped it to the top comfortably. Twirling in front of the mirror, there was only one flaw. The area where a male’s slacks snatch drooped excess fabric. Sitting in the confined closet, she pulls out her phone to check other locations within the radius for the perfect fit.

Walking out, she places the dress in her basket hesitantly. The attendant gestures to the customer, "Did everything work out ok?"

"Just a little loss in this area", placing her hands on her hips. "Turns out this dress isn't even made in size six"

"I've got just the right fix! HIP BANDS or Waist Trainer! Come on over here, I’ll show you”

"Wouldn't those just cause my body to be thinner?"

"Quite the contrary, the product does not snatch, it EXPANDS(8) in all the right places!"

‘Do your everyday chores with either a waist trainer or a hip band on.’

Where to wear them:

Waist trainer: around your core 

Hip Band: above or below your knees

When to wear them?

Waist Trainer: Two times a day for 1 hour. Hip Bands: Two times a day, 30 min sessions. By the way, did you know you can lose weight using a waist trainer? And since we're here, let me just mention that you can also give the booty belt workout a try if you feel like any of these bands aren't ramping up that butt fast or far enough. 


Having fun times in your heels is yet another way to acquiring wide hips without exercise, and ramping up those calves too

Don’t take it personally but, I infer: if you’re checking out this post, the gym is not your favorite environment. I can relate.

Who wants to have a bunch of self-absorbed men eyeing you like a meal? A steak straight off the grill? Medium rare with just the right amount of fat on the edges. Grunting as they lift their barbell rather than when they release it.

The alternative? Hit your girls up. Go out dancing. Don’t drink too much, just enough to take the edge off so the heels do not hurt your feet.

Wear heels ‘Pumps don’t just tone your calves and thighs but also plump your bump’. Looking for the perfect comfortable and versatile heel?

Heels are awesome for pumbing your calves, thighs and the bump section too

Nine West has the solution.

Tinder 9 

 As you roll your hips, you will drop all the weight covering your core and build your quad muscles.: These are the perfect heels for a night out with friends, dinner date with a date, or a Thursday around the office. Available in seven different colors. My personal fave, medium blue. 

Intercourse makes your hips wider: 

Having intercourse regulary also helps boost your hips without you even realizing it

Most studies will tell you intercourse does not make your hips wider. Do not believe them. If you are making love regularly, it is natural for your body to morph shape.

Combining the male and female body, calls for creation. A woman's hips will widen for it is preparing to carry and deliver children.

Going Under The Knife

Both plastic surgery and hormonal surgery come with risks, and should only be used as a last resort to growing bigger hips

The last resort would be surgery. Plastic surgery or hormonal injections are dangerous. In the case this option is your choice, please proceed cautiously. This also goes double for men who are considering going under the knife to gain artificial 10 pack abs or 12 pack abs.

“The first experiments with intravenous injections were carried out in 1642 by a gentleman's hunting servant in eastern Germany” according to the National Center of Medicine’s article History of injections [original text in German]. (5) In 1979 bio-medical scientists discovered a solution that can and does have detrimental effects. Injections in general are not foolproof.

Contaminated needles have the ability to cause infections that could last a lifetime. Infections of this realm cause people to bulge abscess growths or body mass deterioration. 

Life-threatening disorders may occur if the infection is injected into the circulatory or nervous systems. Disorders involve unregulated heart rates and mental illnesses.

The Take Away

Whether through diet or any other means, acquiring wide hips is very much possible

Apparently, you don't have to grind it out in the gym to have a nice, rounded bouncy booty. But as is the case with any other part of the body, targeting and growing your butt without exposing it to the strain of workout might be hard, and in the least, take a long time to come by. 

If you are feeling like ditching exercise isn't doing your butt any good, then why not, you can still get down to it and still pull off several moves that will speed up the process and give you better results. And yes, there's a laundry list of workouts that you can do for this...from running on an incline treadmill to doing several squats everyday, adding some wall-sits, squats or the right number of lunges to your daily routine.

You could as well going for broke with other butt-targetting calisthenics or weight training workouts- it's all up to you really.

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