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A Look Into Calisthenics And Why They Are Fitness Routine Worthy

Truth be told. Before starting calisthenics, I never knew the progress I could make in my training and fitness routine.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t even realize that some of the simplest exercises I had been doing regularly, like daily squats, crunches, and other essential core exercises were calisthenics. You are probably in this boat too, right?

Tell you what, calisthenics are totally worth your time.

They are excellent for strength training, posture improvement, building endurance, coordination, and flexibility.

In this article, I will help you discover how to get bigger shoulders with calisthenics.

What is Calisthenics Workout?

Calisthenics are body weight workouts that don't require any other equipements

Calisthenics differ from weight training in that these are primarily gravity-utilizing and resistance training exercises done using your body weight. That’s how I would describe them.

At times you can do calisthenics with resistance bands wands or rings. Weights may also be used for light weight exercises like dumbbell-only workouts or some essential kettlebell exercises, if may be you want to measure your fitness level and figure out how you are gaining in on your strength. However, you must ensure that your body follows a natural movement pattern.

The exercises can be modified to be performed with varying rhythm and intensity to maximize athletic ability and power. When you do calisthenics, your main goal should always be to master control and coordinate your body to move in space.

Because calisthenics can be done outside, today, many refer to them as “street workouts.”

Calisthenics Shoulder Workout for Beginners- Top 3 Exercises

Beginners can start off with light calisthenics workouts for shoulders

Just like you wouldn’t set your feet in the gym for the very first time and kick off benching 100kgs, you also need to start basic with calisthenics. Besides, with calisthenics, you can safely train your shoulders after chest day with low impact exercise.

Once you begin doing calisthenics, you will notice very significant changes. Still, it is always best that you keep progressing and advancing the exercises to get out of what is referred to as a plateau- the point you don’t notice significant changes in your body even with the exercises.

Side Planks

Side Planks is one of the Calisthenics exercises for beginners and helps you make your core stronger

Side planks will give you the activation of your posterior shoulder muscles. These are muscles we tend to ignore during workouts, which may be because we don’t use them much.

I prefer a side plank instead of a regular planks or push-ups because this particular one requires more balance. It is the extra balance needed that makes you engage your shoulders more.

Before you can even get to doing proper side planks, you must work on building a solid core, especially the sides.

Wall Walks

Build your upper body muscles stronger through the Calisthenics exercise - Wall Walks

Wall walks were always my go-to when I began doing calisthenics. I can assure you they will get you that good hit on your shoulder heads and give you shoulder flexibility and strength.

Wall-walks usually incorporate moving and isometric contractions necessary for activating your deltoids as you maintain the position. They are challenging but fun.

Wide Push-Ups

Wide Push-Ups will help you make your shoulders stronger and and also great for core

There's something about the wide push-up that sets it a pint above other essential bodyweight workouts in its tier.

When doing a wide push-up, you place your hands further apart than you would with a standard push-up. It is this technique that helps you focus more on your shoulders. The bare minimum is to maintain a stable spine to use your arms and shoulders appropriately.

Wide push-ups are also great for the core, and that’s how they help you build power and maximal strength.

Calisthenics Shoulder Workouts for Advanced- Top 3 Exercises

If your fitness level is a bit advanced, then you can kick things up a notch with tougher shoulder workouts

Once I learned the calisthenics levels my body can accommodate, I decided to advance. These three workouts are the ones I have found demanding and most effective for pushing my body.


Dips a good upper body workout for stronger biceps, shoulders and chest

I like to do dips because of their effectiveness in building a whole range of upper body muscles, they are one of the most effective essential exercises you can do at home to transform your upper body. And yes, they are great for working the shoulders, too. I always like to modify them into more intense variations. To achieve this, I always add belt weights. You can do the same to increase the difficulty.


Pull-ups are a effective body workout to get upper body muscles stronger

Pull-ups are basically the opposite of dips. I always go for them when I want to target my deltoids significantly.

If you want pull-ups to be more effective, I advise that you lower yourself as slowly as you can from the pull-up bar. That’s how you get stronger.


Muscle-ups are a great combination of dips and pull ups which can help improve your mobility

The best part about muscle-ups is that they combine alternating pull-ups and dips. What I find even better is the fact that I don’t have to maintain a static body position. 

Muscle-ups may sound simple and not technically too demanding, but you need to employ tremendous shoulder strength to perform them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are more answers to your questions on shoulder workouts

Considering using calisthenics to work your shoulders? Here are some more answers to questions you might still be having.

Why are my shoulders not growing?

You are likely not doing the right exercises to activate all the shoulder muscles- the front, side, and back or not continually challenging yourself.

You also may be using incorrect workout forms and putting too much pressure than your shoulders can bear, causing injury. Injury slows down your muscle growth.

How can I get bigger shoulders fast?

Getting bigger shoulders fast is a matter of establishing a routine to work all the deltoids.

Based on the shoulder-building exercises you settle on, move in a full range by being intentional about the reps and sets, and don’t forget to rest shortly between sessions to damage more muscles.

Will push-ups make my shoulders wider?

Yes, but not to their maximum potential if done alone. Push-ups make your shoulders appear wider since they work on the deltoid muscles but only secondarily after the pectoral muscles.

Always combine push-ups with exercises that target the deltoid muscle’s lateral head if you want to get broader shoulders effectively.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, you can effectively use calisthenics for shoulder workout if you do the right exercise

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