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Triceps Not Growing? I’ve Got Your Back – 5 Different Ways to Build Bigger Triceps with Bodyweight

We get it, you want bigger arms and that’s obvious, but how do you achieve this feat?

When you feel like you’ve done everything possible to build up your triceps with no results, it can be quite depleting - it feels like you’ve just been wasting your time and effort in the gym.

I’m here to tell you that you’re now alone, so cheer up buttercup. This guide is going to take a look at why it’s difficult for some people to grow their triceps, as well as what you can do to make a change for the better.

Why Do I Need Bigger Triceps?

Nothing will make you look bigger and more muscular than the triceps. They help you lift your arms and get out of a slump. But how do we get them bigger

If you’re asking yourself this question, you might be reading the wrong article; this is strictly for people who are chewing on pre-workout tablets as we speak.

All jokes aside, bigger triceps will translate into much larger arms in general - it’s important that you work every aspect of your arm to ensure that the look is complete.

It’s almost like buying a Ferrari that’s missing all of the doors, or buying a computer that doesn’t come with any USB ports - at the end of the day, what’s the point?

Don’t waste all of that time in the gym by forgetting to train an important part of your body like the tricep.

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Can You Overtrain Triceps?

You want well defined triceps, but you don't know if you can overtrain them. Find out more about this common issue and how to fix it.

Like any other muscle in the body, you can easily overtrain the tricep if you aren’t careful.

It’s one of those muscles that looks amazing when it’s all leaned out, but when you’re in the beginning stages, you’ll have to take things slowly.

You can load up a bunch of weight and go in for a set of tricep curls, only to completely destroy your arm in the process. Finding the perfect balance of “oh my god, this weight is so heavy” and “well, that wasn’t so bad!” is the key to success when building muscle mass.

And not just with weight training, calisthenic workouts can also pose a risk if you go overboard with your training. Don't get it twisted, I have been doing calisthenics to build shoulder strength, as well as targeting other muscles.

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Why Aren’t My Triceps Growing Anymore?

Muscle growth is a long-term goal. Working on your physique regularly will help maintain muscle gains and increase muscle endurance.

The main culprit of this is the fact that you can’t just keep doing the same workouts with the same weights (either dummbells, barbell, or kettlebells), and expecting a different result. 

There’s a word for that in the dictionary I believe, and that word is “insanity”.

When you want to grow big and strong, especially when it comes to arm muscles, you have to constantly train using different techniques to hit every single area hard.

If you’ve been focusing on your triceps and notice that you aren’t getting results any longer, it might be time to try one of the techniques I’m going to talk about today.

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Triceps Take a Bit Longer to Grow Than Other Muscles

There's a misconception that Triceps muscles are more difficult to grow than others. It's not true. You can do it!

We’re all impatient in these modern times and want results now, waiting is something we just refuse to do.

It takes a long time to build up your triceps because they are somewhat resilient to workouts, but once you’ve hit them hard and the lactic acid is built up, good luck trying to use your arms for a few days!

Pressdowns aren’t going to get you where you want to be, so it’s time to expand your horizons and work away from the cable pressdown machine. There are three heads to your tricep muscle, those being:

  • Lateral Head
  • Long Head
  • Medial Head

Pressdowns will only work the lateral head, leaving the other two underdeveloped and lacking strength/mass.

When you want undeniable triceps that you can be proud of, it’s likely time to introduce some new techniques into your routine - thankfully, the pressdown stations aren’t going to feel like they’re being cheated on or anything.

Should I Be Training My Triceps Everyday?

You've been trying to get bigger, but you've been feeling a little bit of a letdown. You always used to train your triceps every day, but lately you've been missing the days after. Here's why.

Overworking your muscles is something that I would never recommend, and I actually preach giving yourself the right amount of rest and recovery time.

If you don’t let your muscles recover, they’re never going to build themselves back up properly (or at all, in some cases).

If your triceps ache and you hit them anyway, it’s merely a matter of time before they give out entirely. Then again, you can always make use of supplements to lower your lactic acid levels, improve recovery times and help build stronger muscles in general.

If you’re a veteran who has been working out for a long time, and you feel like you’ve got the right tools and techniques to do so, you can go ahead and hit your triceps daily, you can even work your triceps and biceps on the same day.

Alternatively, you can be smart about it and hit them about two to four times a week on non-consecutive days (as recommended by the American College of Sports).

Bodyweight Workouts for Triceps

Tricep exercises are some of the most important arm exercises you can do. Learn about the best bodyweight workouts for triceps (and how to avoid injury).

If you don’t want to go to the gym or just don’t like using weights while working out, you can always turn to body weight workouts instead. 

There’s a reason why some people are still shredded without touching a barbell, and it’s usually those guys you see at the park playing around on monkey bars.

I’ve seen 70-year old men who are using those bars (of course, along with other exercises for seniors) that look like they’re 30, and it’s honestly kind of shameful that they’re in better shape than I am. 

Regardless, I’m going to take a look at some bodyweight workouts that have helped me build up my triceps, giving my arms that sexy and full look that most men seek.

That sounded a bit strange, but I’m going to let it ride for now.

Workout #1 - Triceps Bow Push-Up

Bow Push-Up your triceps and release all of your muscles for a full, powerful push-up. Bow Push-Ups move the shoulder blades back and raise the arms. To do a full set of Bow Push-Ups, start

For this technique, you’ll want to start in a narrow push-up position (a regular push-up with your hands closer together).

Your hands should be about 5 inches apart, and from a push-up position with your arms extended, you’ll want to bend your elbows and go into a “planche” position.

Repeat this process 8 to 12 times to complete an entire set, squeezing your triceps at the top of the rep.

Here is how to do this exercise:

Workout #2 - Narrow Push-Up


As the name would suggest, this is a simple technique that can be done just about anywhere. With your hands about 5 inches apart, you’ll want to do a push-up (with your face nearly touching your hands every time).

This will give you a good feel of where the hands should be placed, and you should feel a deep squeeze directly in both the long and small heads of your triceps.

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Here is how to do this exercise:

Workout #3 - Power Extension

Power Extension is a program that allows you to increase your stamina and endurance.

This is one that will murder you if you aren’t careful! Using a bench or anything of that sort, position yourself as if you were going to do an elevated narrow push-up.

With your arms extended, bend your elbows and dip your head slightly underneath the bench you’re using for support.

This will focus on the long head of your triceps and it’s a feeling you’ll never forget - doing this 8 to 12 times is almost guaranteed to give you a massive pump.

Workout #4 - Forearm Triceps Extension

The forearm triceps extension is a supplemental exercise to improve visual and hand-eye coordination, increase muscular strength, and reduce the risk of injury.

Cross your hands in a push-up position so that your arms are making an “X” shape, and bend your elbows to get a rep in.

It’s basically a push-up that focuses on your forearms and triceps, allowing you to focus on those groups specifically with a bodyweight routine.

It looks kind of silly at first, but it’s something that will have you looking better on the beach in no time at all. Don’t knock it until you try it, that’s all I’m saying!

Here is how to do this exercise:

Workout #5 - Bench Dips w/ Elevated Legs

Bench Dips is a low-carb, high-fat, body fixing nutritional alternative. It comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee and an easy to follow plan.

Elevating your legs and getting bench dips in gives you more support, allowing you to do more reps and really hit the muscle where it counts.

You can do elevated dips or traditional dips just about anywhere, which is one of the main reasons why I love them so much.

Here is how to do this exercise:

Workout #6 - Traditional Bench Dips

Bench dips are a great tool to improve your back, core, and abdominal muscles.

If you don’t want to worry about having your legs elevated, you can always just do traditional bench dips. All you’ve got to do is find a bench or even an office chair, and “air sit” in front of it with your hands placed behind you.

Dip down to the ground and back up to the starting position to get a rep in - after 8 to 12 of these, tell me that you don’t feel at least a little bit stronger in the tricep department.

Do it, lie to my face!

Here is how to do this exercise:

If you are a total beginner, you can start with easy exercises like wall angels or Zottman curls and after a while you can move to up to intermediate exercises like the military press, alternating dumbbells presses, or the seated tricep press.

Are Bodyweight Workouts Better Than Using Free Weights?

Bodyweight workouts are a great way to exercise. They're convenient, affordable, and can be done anywhere.

Anyone who has read my writing in the past knows that I’m not the biggest fan of using free weights, and that’s okay.

I’ve been through a lot when it comes to the gym in regards to injuries and that’s mainly why I choose to stay away from them, but I’ve never removed them completely.

I’ve managed to maintain a strong body with an immaculate physique using only bodyweight-based at-home fitness exercises, but admittedly, I didn’t start things off that way. 

My base came from lifting weights, and doing so on a consistent basis - I’d be a fool to say that you don’t need to use weights at all to get proper results. 

Of course, there are always going to be genetic freaks out there who truly don’t care about the rules of the world, and will eat cheeseburgers and do some planks and push-ups (or nail a planche lean party trick) while sporting a 6-pack. 

Not only that, but they’ll probably go on to be professional athletes on top of that; life isn’t fair, huh?

Bottom line? Yes, having a home gym setup does help the average Joe like you and I put the best foot forward when starting out.

Growing Your Triceps Compares to Other Arm Muscles

Your triceps, being the biggest muscle in your upper arm, have more potential for growth than any other arm muscle.

When compared to your bicep and other arm muscles, the tricep and forearm are arguably the hardest to genuinely develop. It seems as if the bicep takes well to working out, likely because it handles a lot of the natural load that we bear throughout our lives.

Although that may be the case, there are clearly inhuman specimens that I’ve seen in the gym personally who don’t come from this planet.

It seems as if they’re bigger every single time I see them, and they have no problem building muscle mass on any part of their body - but I want readers out there to keep their expectations realistic.

How Can I Be Like the Other “Inhuman Specimens” You Spot at the Gym?

The key to success at the gym is not really about what you do, but who you are. It’s about how you think and what you believe

To be honest, most of these people are a ruse. It takes a lot of time and dedication to build up that muscle, that much is for sure, but how much “extra help” are they getting?

Someone who knows nothing about supplements (let alone those illegal supplements that will not be named) will think they can just work out and eat right to get that big. In reality, most of the time these people are using:

Intense, harmful workouts that will probably put you in the hospital

Illegal supplements that you’ll have no experience with

Time schedules that allow them to dedicate themselves to working out 24/7

Some of these monsters you see in the gym should not be used as a comparison unless you’re genuinely trying to become one of those monsters yourself. In which case, hats off to you! You’ve officially reached the point of no return in the bodybuilding world.

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In My Opinion, Growing Your Triceps is a Matter of PATIENCE!

In my opinion, the best way to grow your triceps is with patience. You can't rush it. You have to keep training your triceps every week until you see the results you're looking for.

Practice makes perfect after all, and if you’re willing to perfect the art of building your triceps with bodyweight, you don’t ever have to worry about getting hurt.

Well, there’s always the off chance that you get injured during a bodyweight workout, but most of the time that can be chalked up to being an old fart.

If you’ve got aching joints, are a beginner, or just don’t understand why you can’t grow your triceps anymore, it might be time to shock your system with a few new techniques.

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