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Wavemaster XXL Vs. 2XL Pro: Which Heavy Bag Is the Best Bang for Your Buck?

The Wavemaster XXL and 2XL Pro are one of Century Martial Arts’ best models.

In my opinion, the 2XL Pro is simply an upgrade to the XXL. The question is, is the upgrade worth the money?

In this article, I’ll help you decide whether the jump from XXL to 2XL is an investment worth making.

Hint: Not Really, Save your self a buck and just get the standard Model on amazon.

Read the reviews here from customers and that in itself should be enough for you. 

I've had mine for 4 years now and I beat the living .... out of it. Dang thing still looks new.

Here is the one I got.

Quick Overview of the Two Bags

Here is a quick overview of each bag.

A Quick Overview of Wavemaster XXL

When it comes to great boxing gear, whether it's boxing gloves, boxing shoes (high top boxing shoes or low top boxing shoes), punching bags, or heavy bag stands, you would want to pick the best gear you can get since it will need to last long.

And not just last, it should also take the abuse (for example an outdoor heavy bag stand would need to withstand different weather conditions) also you need to not break the bank in doing so.

There are some great names out there that make these products.

Century Martial Arts is one of those names that keep popping in the best martial arts/boxing gear articles.

Their model, the Century Wavemaster XXL, is one of their most popular products and has been for many years. You’d find this bag in plenty of martial arts studios, no matter where you might be.

I’ve been personally had this model in my gym for a long, long time, and I’m nothing short of satisfied. It has met my needs perfectly, which is why I haven’t yet seen the need to upgrade.

Specs and Features:

  • High-density foam padding
  • Easily accessible rubber seal fill cap to keep the water in place.
  • A secure locking mechanism allows it to sustain hard strikes with ease.
  • Dimensions: Bag: 18 x 52 inches; Base: 28 inches; Total height: 69 inches.
  • Weight: Around 270 lbs. if filled with water.

What I Like:

  • Size – The size of the bag allows it to fit in any medium-sized room.
  • Stability – Thanks to the secure locking mechanism alongside the base’s design, and weight of the bag allows it to take whatever you have to throw at it without falling.
  • Quality – Century Martial Arts are known for their quality models, and this one is no different. I can confidently say that you’ll be getting your money’s worth from this bag.
  • Durability – You can count on the Wavemaster XXL to last you for a long time. It is made from robust and durable materials.
  • Versatile – Whether you practice boxing or MMA, this bag is sure to fit the bill for you. It’s also quite simple to assemble, and you don’t need to use any tools.
  • No Fixings – You don’t have to set up roof fixings for this model since it’s a free-standing punch bag.

Wavemaster 2XL Pro quick overview

The “2” and “Pro” in the name of this model might make it seem like a huge upgrade over the XXL, but that’s not necessarily the case.

The biggest difference between the 2XL Pro and the XXL Wavemaster is that the former features a lock nut, which prevents it from unscrewing when you use it. More on that later.

Specs and Features:

  • Has the largest kicking and punching surface of any freestanding punching bag on the market.
  • Century’s ultimate all-around workout bag. It can be used at home, outdoors, or for any commercial purpose.
  • Balanced weight distribution for maximum stability.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Large fill hole for filling the base with water or sand.
  • Dimensions: Bag: 18 x 52 inches; Base: 28 inches; Total height: 69 inches.
  • Weight: Around 270 lbs. if filled with water.

What I Like:

  • Size – Thanks to its smaller base, this bag can fit in any medium-sized room.
  • Stability – The bag’s design allows it to withstand immense pressure and hard strikes without falling or cracking.
  • Quality and Durability – The 2XL Pro is made from high-quality materials such as high-density foam, which allows it to absorb impacts and prevent sprained ankles, wrists, and other injuries even when you use it without gloves.
  • Great for Strength - The Wavemaster 2XL Pro is an excellent bag for those who want to strengthen their punches and kicks.
  • Easy to Use – Since this bag is so easy to assemble and disassemble, you can ship it to different places more quickly and easily. I'd say it's among some of the most portable punching bags on the market today.

Wavemaster XXL Vs. 2XL Pro: Which One Is Better?

Wavemaster XXL Vs. 2XL Pro, detailed comparison

Below we put the two bags against each other.

Which Model is Built Better?

Comparing The Wavemaster XXL to the 2XL Pro in terms of Which Model is Built Better

The fact that the 2XL Pro is a newer model doesn’t mean that it’s better than the XXL in terms of build quality.

On the contrary, the XXL has proven that it can withstand the test of time perfectly, which is why Century Martial Arts is still manufacturing this model.

So, in terms of build quality, I’d say that the two models are excellent and worthy of the Century brandname.

Which Model Is More Comfortable?

Which Model Is More Comfortable, Wavemaster XXL or 2XL Pro

As mentioned above, both the Wavemaster XXL and 2XL Pro are stable and comfortable to punch for long periods of time. Honestly, I think these are some of the most comfy punching bags out there, the only other bag I have ever found this nice is an aqua bag, which can get even a little more comfortable.

The 2XL has nicer padding, but the XXL is still pretty comfy to use. Well, for a punching bag, of course.

This is yet another tie between the two models.

Which Model Offers More Features?

Which Model Offers More Features, Wavemaster XXL or 2XL Pro

Being a newer model, it’s only natural for the 2XL Pro to have a set of advanced features and upgrades over the XXL.

The main difference between the two models in terms of features is that the 2XL Pro has a locking nut, which prevents the bag from unscrewing when you’re punching it.

What does that mean for the Wavemaster XXL?

It means that you’ll probably have to spin the bag a few times during long, intense workout sessions. No big deal, really.

There’s also the fact the base is tapered compared to the XXL, but that shouldn’t have an impact on the performance.

Other than that, the two punching bags are pretty much the same.

What Are the Customer Reviews Saying?

The XXL has been around for quite some time now, which explains why it has a higher number of positive reviews compared to the 2XL Pro.

Wavemaster XXL customer Review

 That said, they’re both highly praised by customers, so I’m calling it a draw in this category.

Wavemaster 2XL Pro customer Review

Do They Both Offer a Warranty? If So, How Long?

Comparing the warranty of both Wavemaster XXL and 2XL Pro

All of Century’s Wavemaster punching bags are covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Size Comparison - Which Is Better for Small Spaces?

Size Comparison between the Wavemaster XXL and 2XL Pro

The 2XL and XXL have the same size, and they’re both suitable for medium-sized living spaces. Both are great apartment punching bags, if you are looking for one.

Which is Easier to Set Up?

Which is Easier to Set Up, Wavemaster XXL or 2XL Pro

Both models are super easy to set up. You just have to mount the bag on the base, fill the base with water or sand, and start punching! They are just the kind of punching bag you need if you are not a handy person and don't want to go through the struggle of setting up a punching bag in your garage gym.

What about the Price?

Wavemaster XXL pricing
Wavemaster 2XL pro pricing

The 2XL Pro is a bit more expensive than the XXL, but the difference isn’t that big (less than a hundred bucks).

They are both definitely more expensive than, for example, canvas punching bags; as canvas is a cheap material. So if you are looking for a super cheap bag you should consider buying a bag made of canvas.

Even then, unlike the massive heavy bags, these bags are reasonably priced considering you get the best of both worlds when it comes to getting in your workout and still saving on space in your gym for warm up stretches, cardio exercises, or your cardio equipment...especially for those of us living in apartments, the need for space-saving design is key.

Better More Life-Like Alternative Punching Bag

Century Bob XL

Better More Life-Like Alternative Punching Bag to the Wavemaster XXL and 2XL Pro

If the Wavemaster models don’t strike your fancy, you can opt instead for the highly-rated and regarded Century Bob XL. This excellent training body is a realistic vinyl sparring partner. It’s between 60” and 78” tall.

The Century Bob XL is intended to be an upgrade over standard standing punching bags. It has an impact surface which is excellent for all kinds of kicks and punches.

As for the specifications, the base’s dimensions are 40″ x 15.5″ X 10.5″. It’s a round base, so you can flip it up at an angle and roll it if you need to move it.

It weighs 270 lbs. after you fill it with water or sand. This means that you don’t have to worry about holding any punches or kicks. You can go all out on, and Bob will take it like a champ.

Why Should You Go with the Bob XL?

Why Should You Go with the Bob XL

You might be asking yourself, what does the Century Bob XL offer over standard punching bags?

Well, here are a few things:

Which Bag Should You Get? – Well, It Depends

Which Bag Should You Get, Wavemaster XXL or 2XL Pro, it really depends

You might have already been able to tell that both the XXL and 2XL Pro are very similar.

What I would recommend is that if you already own the XXL, then you don’t need to get the 2XL. I don’t think the new features are worth another investment.

On the other hand, if you’re out there looking for a new punching bag, then I advise you to go with the 2XL Pro as it’s an upgrade over the XXL and costs pretty much the same. 

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