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300 Lb. Punching Bag: Do You Really Need One? Which Are the Best Ones to Buy?

There’s a very simple formula that’s supposed to help determine how heavy a punching bag you need for an optimum workout.

You take your body weight, divide it by two and that number is about as heavy a bag that you probably need.

For me, that magical number is approximately 100 lb.

But I have pounded the pulp out of the 100 lb. bag at home and frankly, it doesn’t give me as vigorous a workout as I am looking for.

The damn thing swings around too much. My knuckles don’t even feel the contact anymore.

For a long time, I have been curious about the difference that a heavier bag would make to my strength and conditioning. Something like a 300 lb. bag.

Now, I am no pro boxer. I am well aware of what injury feels like and I am looking to smash my wrists or dislocate my shoulders.

For a while, I contemplated breaking into the nearest meat factory at the crack of dawn and pounding on some rib eye. Yo! You’ve gotta big mouth, ya know!

But since there are easier, less sinister ways to improve my punching power, home got a 300 lb. punching bag.

Trust me when I tell you this. It completely changed my approach towards heavy bag training.

Which 300 Lb. Punching Bag I Ended up Buying?

For those who are curious about what pounding on a bag like that looks like, there’s a vintage video of Jack Dempsey pulverizing a 300 lb. heavy bag.

Boy, they certainly don’t make men like that anymore.

Coming back to my choice of bag, I ended up buying the Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag.

Here is the 100 lb version of it and here is the 300 pound version of it.

The thing is built like a tank and I really have to put my back into my punches to get it to budge even an inch.

It comes prefilled (God Bless the delivery boys), and does not even require a chain to hang. 

But I spent close to two months researching heavy bags and speaking to pros who use bags this heavy before narrowing down on it.

If this doesn’t fit your requirements or your budget, maybe one of these bags will.

Top 300 Lb. Punching Bags On The Market

I found 10 super heavy punching bags that give you the best bang for your buck if you are looking to buy a 300 lb. bag for yourself.

Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag Is our pick for the best 300 lb. bag on the market

My pick of the lot is the Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag. I have been training on Outslayer bags since I was 15 and they can take an absolute beating for years without as much as a scruff to show.

This one is no different. It has the classic heavy bag design and provides me with a capacious striking surface.

What I Like About It

It’s 72” tall and 22” in diameter. That’s a huge practice surface for a wide range of drills.

I primarily box. But I have also recently started to train in MMA and a bag this size just expands the possibilities for training.

I can throw punches, kicks, combos, just about anything in and out of the coaching manual.

What I Don’t

It feels like punching a concrete wall. Lol! That’s not necessarily bad though, because that’s exactly what I was looking for. In the few months that I have owned it so far, I have just about started to generate enough force and power to move it a wee bit.

Notably, my sparring partners in the gym are mentioning that my punching strength has increased by a fair bit.

What Customer Reviews Say

Most people who bought the Outslayer Muay Thai Bag are in awe of how sturdy it is. The four straps and heavy duty chrome rings secure it and more importantly, reduce noise when you punch on it.

The fact that the bag comes prefilled with compression fabric and does not leave empty spots is also appreciated.

Best Features

  • 72” tall and 22” in diameter
  • Durable Vinyl cover
  • Filled with compression fabric
  • Comes with four straps and heavy duty chrome D rings

#2 - Everlast Unfilled Boxing Punching MMA Bag Heavy Duty (80-300 Lb.)

Everlast Unfilled Boxing Punching MMA Bag Heavy Duty Is A Great 300 Lb. Bag

One of the first questions that I had in mind was whether I could get a 300 lb. bag unfilled.

That’s mainly because it would be cheaper than a prefilled one. Also, it would be easier to set up at my own convenience.

If that’s what you believe as well, then here’s an amazing punching bag from Everlast that comes unfilled and is available in 80-300 lb. sizes.

What I Like About It

It is very similar in design to the Outslayer bag, and features Everlast’s Nevatear Vinyl cover with reinforced webbing and heavy duty nylon straps.

In a nutshell, the construction is top notch and this bag’s not going to rip or give away on you in the midst of a training session.

Also, it features a center alignment, which always keeps the bag in balance when you fill it. It’s not going to droop in one direction or the other.

What I Don’t

If you are buying a lighter version, like the 80 or 100 lb. bag, it’s not that difficult to fill. But filling a 300 lb. bag with any material is not easy.

That’s why I decided to opt for the Outslayer bag instead.

That’s not to take anything away from the quality of this bag though. This is a phenomenal choice for most others.

What Customer Reviews Say

Most customers are delighted that they have a budget-friendly option for a bag as heavy as this. Also, a lot of reviews speak about how well-built it is.

Best Features

  • Unfilled heavy bag that comes in 80-300 lb. sizes
  • Can be filled with any material of your choosing
  • Nevatear synthetic leather outer shell
  • Center aligned design for balance
  • Heavy duty nylon straps for hanging

#3 - Pro Boxing® 300 Lb. Wide Heavy Punching Bag

Pro Boxing® 300 Lb. Wide Heavy Punching Bag Is a great choice form Pro Boxing for a 300 Lb. bag

This monster punching bag from Pro Boxing is 72” tall and 19” in Diameter.

The extra wide design allows for better shock absorption and is gentler on your hands as you get used to pounding on an immovable object.

What I Liked About It

Jokes apart, I really like the feel of punching on this bag. The blended filler is gentle on your joints and even when I throw all my weight into the punch, it never jars my shoulders. It’s a common problem with bags this heavy.

The outer cover is tough rip-stop vinyl. It feels as good as real leather, and should hold up really well to repeated punching.

At the top of the bag, you have four nylon straps with triple-reinforced ring tabs, which assure you that it will not drop down and crack your flooring.

Oh, it’s made in the USA too!

What I Didn’t

The width of the bag.

I am no Sonny Liston, but I certainly have hands that are bigger than normal. I prefer bags that are slightly wider, which is why I chose the Outslayer.

What Customer Reviews Speak About It

The Pro Boxing bag has 95% positive reviews. Customers talk about the superior construction, the shock absorption and the fact that it doesn’t really swing around. This bag is used in many commercial settings and has an excellent track record.

Best Features

  • 72” tall and 19” wide
  • Rip-Stop Vinyl Outer Shell
  • Blended Filler
  • Extra wide design absorbs shock upon impact
  • Triple reinforced ring tabs

#4 - PROLAST 300 Lb. Heavy Punching Bag for Punching and Kicking- Great for Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai (300 Lb 6 Ft Xl, Filled)

PROLAST 300 Lb. Heavy Punching Bag for Punching and Kicking Is a great pick for a 300 Lb. bag

If you have ever worked out in Professional boxing gyms, chances are that you have punched on Prolast heavy bags. They are built to last, and are ubiquitous in commercial settings

This one’s as good as they come. It’s a 300 lb. prefilled bag with a rip-stop, synthetic leather outer shell.

It’s full-sized, built like a rock and should provide you with a terrific workout.

What I Like About It

The striking surface makes this perfect for boxing, Muay Thai and a variety of other combat sports. My partner has recently started to train for Krav Maga Street defense and she punches on this bag in her gym.

Since it doesn’t move as much as lighter bags do, it allows her to train without someone to hold the bag. That’s perfect for someone training alone at home too.

The construction quality is amongst the best that I have seen. Everything is triple-stitched. The straps are thick and durable, the vinyl shell is water repellant and there’s a D-ring at the bottom to hang sand bags or to secure it to the floor.

What I Don’t

The shredded poly-fiber fill is a little soft for my liking. Once again, this is more of a personal preference than a design flaw.

What Customer Reviews Say

Most of the customers use theProlast XL in a commercial setting. This means that the bag is used by multiple athletes with different punching strengths and styles. It holds up like a charm without fraying or tearing. Many customers also speak about the balanced weight system which keeps the bag from swinging too much or drooping in one direction.

Best Features

  • Full sized bag for MMA, Muay Thai
  • Trusted brand, Made in the USA
  • Rip-stop outer shell, triple stitching
  • Thick straps and D-rings for hanging
  • Shredded Poly Fiber fill

#5 - Pro 300 Lb. Heavy Punching Bag Made in USA

Pro 300 Lb. Heavy Punching Bag Made in USA Is A good pick for a 300 Lb. Bag

This is a budget-priced 300 lb. heavy duty punching bag from Pro Boxing. It comes prefilled with a high-density shredded fill and is available in a variety of attractive color combos.

But that’s not why I like it so much.

What I Liked About It

It’s rated for 500 lb. If I ever outgrow the 300 lb. weight (which I highly doubt), I have the option to add more material to it to increase the weight.

There are only two boxers in my gym who train on a 500 lb. bag. It’s no joke. But if you are in a super heavy weight category, you might want to consider this add-on benefit.

I also love the vinyl cover and the thick straps that come with the bag.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that it’s 24” in diameter. That’s perfect for oversized hands like mine. 

What I Don’t

This is a perfectly designed heavy bag. Unfortunately, it was out of stock when I was looking to order it.

Not that I am complaining. My Outslayer bag is a beast.

But if you are on a budget, you’d be hard pressed to find a better choice.

What Customer Reviews Say

There was a video of Vasyl Lomachenko, the Ukranian Boxer training on this bag that went viral a while ago. A lot of customers who bought this were inspired by that video. They are amazed at the realistic feedback upon contact, at how tough the bag is, and how little it moves.

I bet that a lot of them also discovered that they can’t move the bag the way Lomachenko did. Lol!

Best Features

  • Budget-prized full sized punch bag
  • 24” thick and 72” long
  • Beautiful designs and color combos
  • Rip-stop vinyl cover
  • Comes prefilled with 300 lb. shredded material
  • 500 lb. capacity

#6 - Pro 300 Lbs. Freestanding Punching Bag Made in U.S.A

Pro 300 Lbs. Freestanding Punching Bag Made in U.S.A Is a great pick for a free standing 300 Lb. Bag

If you cannot drill holes on the walls or don’t have the room to buy a stand to hang a heavy bag, check out this 300 lb. freestanding punch bag from Pro Boxing.

It is a full sized bag that offers a 72” practice surface, and features a heavy duty base that can be filled with sand or water.The footprint is very compact, and you can also move it around the house for storage.

The outer shell is 22 oz. vinyl and it has an EPE foam core, which offers excellent shock absorption.

Unlike other freestanding reflex bags, this bag does not move a lot when you throw punches or kicks, and is better suited for heavy bag training.

Best Features

  • Full sized 72” Freestanding heavy bag
  • Comes with a base that can be filled with water or sand
  • Compact footprint
  • 22 oz. Vinyl outer cover
  • EPE foam core

#7 - Pro Adult Large Freestanding Punching Bag

Pro Adult Large Freestanding Punching Bag Is a great free standing pick when looking for 300 Lb. bags

This full-sized heavy bag is perfect for martial artists of all ages. It’s a universal-design by Pro Boxing equipment and provides both, adults and kids with a 72” striking surface.

Since it is also designed for use by kids and teens, the shock absorption is top notch. If you are a beginner boxer, that translates into a bag that’s very forgiving on misdirected or mistimed punches.

Just like the previous one, this is a freestanding design (these bags are also known as floor punching bags), which means that you do not have to make messy modifications to install this.

It weighs 300 lbs. when the base is filled with water or sand and is quite difficult to topple over, even if you throw your best punches and kicks at it.

Best Features

  • Freestanding design
  • Prefilled and ready to use
  • 72” striking surface
  • Perfect for kids and adults
  • Generous padding and shock absorption
  • Padded base

#8 - Pro 300 Lbs. Heavy Bag Lifetime Warranty Included

Pro 300 Lbs. Heavy Bag Lifetime Warranty Included gives you a great deal when you are shopping for a 300 Lb. bag

Here’s another full-sized 300 lb. monster bag from Pro Boxing.

This one is better suited for MMA fighters and it comes prefilled with blended filler material that does not sink to the bottom, or get all uneven shaped even with vigorous everyday use.

The bag features a faux leather outer shell and is available in three simple colors. Just like the rest of the bags in this list, it features thick nylon straps with D-rings for hanging.

No noise, and zero chances of it tearing.

It’s one of the only bags in this list that comes with a lifetime warranty. Most brands and products offer a 10-year warranty at best.

So, if you are going to be hanging the bag in a commercial setting, such as a Dojo or a gym, you might want to check this out.

Best Features

  • Full sized bag for MMA fighters
  • Blended filler that does not sink or form uneven surfaces
  • Faux leather outer shell
  • Three simple colors
  • Thick nylon straps with D-rings
  • Lifetime warranty

#9 - Pro 300 Lbs. Boxing Heavy Bag Made in USA - Can Go to 500 Lb.

Pro 300 Lbs. Boxing Heavy Bag Made in USA Is a great pick for a 300 Lb. Bag

This is another heavy duty punching bag from Pro Boxing that comes prefilled with 300 lb. of compressed fabric.

If you are a super heavy weight boxer, or would just like to test out a much heavier bag, you can add 200 lb. more to this, as it’s rated for 500 lb.

The bag is tough as nails and can take all the punishment that you subject it to without even appearing wrinkled.

It features thick, triple-stitched straps that keep it stable and prevent it from swinging around too much. The D-rings are extra padded to prevent flipping as well.

Best Features

  • Heavy duty bag that’s rated for 500 lb.
  • Comes prefilled with 300 lb. compressed fabric
  • Tough outer vinyl cover
  • Thick, triple-stitched straps that keep it stable
  • Extra padded D-rings

Do You REALLY Need a 300 Lb. Punching Bag?

Do You REALLY Need a 300 Lb. Punching Bag

Here’s the question that must have popped up a 100 times in your mind already.

Do you really need a 300 lb. monster punching bag?

The truth is that you don’t.

In all my years of boxing training, I’ve only seen a handful of guys train on bags this heavy.

Even professional boxers typically avoid training on bags heavier than 200 lbs. because of the obvious risk of injury.

Are There Any Benefits of 300 Lb. Punching Bags?

Are There Any Benefits of 300 Lb. Punching Bags

Absolutely! Based on my personal experience with a 300 lb. bag, it has definitely helped me increase my punching power, as well as improve the conditioning in my wrists, back and shoulders - do note, however, that you need to build strong shoulders and back to give you that extra power.

I know that it’s based on an anecdotal instance. So take that however you want to. (If you don’t believe me, ask my sparring partners. They’ve been kissing the express train.)

That said, I have been training since I was 15, And Used different bags like the Wavemaster XXL and 2xL pro. So I was in pretty good shape to begin with.

That’s the key to training with a bag this heavy. You have to be in top notch conditioning and fitness, else it’s a recipe for injury.

In all probability, you’ll feel like you are hitting a concrete wall. So, take your time. Go slow. Learn how to position your wrist. Technique is the key. Slowly, increase intensity and allow your body time to get adjusted to the new normal.

Downsides of 300 Lb. Heavy Bags

Well, a bag this size comes with its share of pros and cons. Not everything is perfect about it.

Here are some of the downsides that I have noticed over the months.

Need a Strong Place to Hang

A Need a Strong Place to Hang Is one of the Downsides of 300 Lb. Heavy Bags

You need to be really cautious while hanging a 300 lb. heavy bag at home, especially if you plan to hang it from the ceiling. There’s a high probability that it may cause structural damage, or in extreme cases, even tear the wall or ceiling down.

There are a few workarounds, like ceiling hangers and studs, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

The garage is often a better pick for heavy bags, and especially when dealing with something this heavy.

Another alternative is to get a heavy bag stand that’s rated for 350 lb. at least. also if you want to box outdoors, getting an outdoor heavy bag stand is essential.

The caveat is that stands can occupy a ton of space and are an added expense.

It Can Hurt Your Joints

One of The Downsides of 300 Lb. Heavy Bags Is It Can Hurt Your Joints

Like I said, you need to be a seasoned athlete to use a bag this heavy. Your joints, wrists, muscle conditioning, everything needs to be in top form, and for a start, don't go all out on it without gloves, they could make a world of difference.

Else, there’s a risk of serious injury. To give you an example, a buddy of mine came home over the weekend and just threw a couple of random punches on my 300 lb. bag. The next day, he couldn’t move his shoulders. An MRI revealed that he had a tear in his rotator cuff.

So go slow.

Not for Beginners

One of the Downsides of 300 Lb. Heavy Bags Is It is Not for Beginners

If you are a beginner in boxing or MMA, stick to the 100-150 lb. bags. You can get a great workout from those and build strength in your muscles before moving on to something of this size.

As I've mentioned above, I put a ton of hours into practicing on smaller punching bags - the likes of this Wavemaster XXL - before I ever thought of stepping up to the challenge and taking this beast by the horns. 

From free-standing to heavy bags, grappling dummies and even Century Versys fight simulator as well as the man-shaped Century Bob XL, I've had a go at the different types of punching bags and their varying surfaces; you should too.

Alternative Punching Bags

If you are looking at developing your boxing or MMA skills, then a heavy bag alone will not suffice.

Here are some alternative punching bags that are equally important to develop your fundamentals.

Reflex Bag/Speed Bag

Reflex Bag,Speed Bag are a great Alternative to heavy Punching Bags

The good old speed bag is an infallible choice while learning how to move and shift your weight from one foot to the other. It also helps improve hand eye coordination and reflexes, and the best part by far is that these are some of the most portable punching bags you can get your hands on.

But if you prefer a larger striking surface and still want to train on the go, then an aqua punching bag would be your best shot at getting the best of both worlds.

Fight Simulators

Fight Simulators Are One of The Alternatives Punching Bags

If you are training for MMA or BJJ, you might want to consider getting home a fight simulator like the Century Bob or the Century Versys. Both bags are phenomenal for accuracy training, as well as ground and pound drills.

What to Consider When Buying a Punching Bag?

First time punching bag shoppers often have myriad of doubts about which bag to buy, and whether it would be the right choice.

Here are some of the critical factors that you must consider.

Why Do You Need It in the First Place?

One of the things to Consider When Buying A Punching Bag Is Why Do You Need It in the First Place

Are you a boxer? Are you training for MMA or BJJ? Buy a bag that’s best suited for your specific training goals.

For example, boxers looking to develop punching strength would prefer a full sized heavy bag. Ditto with MMA and Muay Thai fighters who need a large striking surface to practice kicks and would be just fine with a standard standing punching bag.

A BJJ fighter would prefer a fight simulator or a human-shaped bag instead, for takedown practice.

Type of Bag

The Type of Bag you want to buy is One of the things to Consider When Buying A Punching Bag

Punching bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But there are four primary ones that you need to be aware of.

  • The heavy bag (Hanging or Freestanding)
  • The reflex bag or speed bag
  • The Grappling Dummy or Fight simulator
  • The Body Opponent Bag or BOB (Human shaped bag)

As we mentioned earlier, select one based on your training goals.


Punching Bag Material Is One of the things to Consider When Buying A Punching Bag Is Brand

For a long time, punching bags had genuine leather outer shells with sand or fabric fill. But due to costs, environmental concerns and leather’s tendency to absorb moisture, it has more or less been swapped with vinyl.

Vinyl is extremely durable and tear resistant. All the heavy bags in this list are made of vinyl.

There is also canvas, canvas bags are usually cheaper since canvas is cheaper but they come in handy in some situations, if you are on a budget.

But then, some DIY freaks takes it a little further with a bit of imagination and ingenuity to build tire punching bags among other cool DIY builds that you might have already seen out there. This can be the cheapest workaround for those on a tight budget, but I wouldn't recommend it for a serious boxer who wants to train on a punching bag quite often.

Size and Weight

Size and Weight Are two things to Consider When Buying A Punching Bag

Always check the dimensions of the bag and account for the space that you need around it, as well as the space available in your gym. I prefer 360-degree access to my bags. Even if you do not have 360-degree room - that can be the case if you have racks, cardio machines, or some heavy weights taking up most of the real estate. Even then, aim for at least 180-degree access to your bag for effective workouts.

How tall is the bag? How thick? Are you shopping for a bag that is suitable for apartments?

Check the weight of the filled bag and ensure that you hang it from an appropriate setting.


One of the things to Consider When Buying A Punching Bag Is The Price

The price for punching bags can vary greatly depending on the size and the brand.

Premium quality bags will typically cost between $1500-2000, whereas budget priced ones can be bought for $800-1000.

Anything cheaper will typically start to wear and tear in no time. Not worth your time, money or effort.


One of the things to Consider When Buying A Punching Bag Is Brand

Always buy from a reputed and trusted brand. When it comes to punching bags, there are only a handful of brands that have been around for years and are used by pros.

Top Punching Bag Brands

Here are the top brands that make punching bags.


Century Is One of The Top Punching Bag Brands

One of the most trusted boxing gear brands in the business who’ve been around for five decades. Top quality products that are used by professionals.


Outslayer Is One of The Top Punching Bag Brands

Outslayer is an american made manufacturer of Muay Thai, boxing and martial arts equipment. They are not as old as Century and EA sports, but have quickly made inroads into the market. It’s one of the most widely used gear by amateur fighters these days. I personally love their products.

Pro Boxing Equipment

Pro Boxing Equipment Is One of The Top Punching Bag Brands

While Pro Boxing Equipment is not as old as either of these brands, they are one of the only manufacturers with an extensive catalog of heavy bags (Heavier than 200 lb.). Having tried a few punching bags from PRO, I must say that the product quality is phenomenal. They also offer a lifetime warranty on many of their bags.


Doubts about punching bags? Here’s a brief FAQ to address a few of them.

Q. How to Choose Punching Bag Weight?

A. That’s how I started this article. According to Floyd Patterson, one of my favorite boxers and two time heavyweight champions, half your bodyweight is the perfect bag size for you. If you weigh 200 lbs. like me, you probably don’t need more than a 100 lb. bag.

Q. What Do I Fill My Bag with?

A. If you are buying an unfilled bag, or want to add to a prefilled bag, fill it with old clothes. If they form uneven lumps, shred them before filling it.

Contrary to what you may have heard or read, do not fill the bag with sand or rice or sawdust. It will tear and crash land on your flooring.

Q. Do I Need Gloves?

A. You sure do. Do not punch on a heavy bag without proper wrist protection, that includes wraps and gloves. You might also need boxing shoes, these are great for training and sparring and they come as high top and low top boxing shoes.

Q. Do I Need a Stand?

A. If you intend to buy a heavy bag, and you cannot hang if off the ceiling, then you need a stand.

Ensure that you buy a stand that’s rated for a few lb. extra than the weight of the bag though.

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