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Outdoor Heavy Bag Stand: Which Are the Best Ones?

In this article, I’ll be going over everything you need to know in order to figure out the best outdoor heavy bag stand for you.

Whether you’re looking for the best heavy bag stand for outdoor use, alternatives, punching bag brands, or you want to know what makes a good heavy bag stand, I recommend you keep on reading.

When it comes to working out, nothing beats outdoor exercise. There’s something special about the air, the sunlight, and scenery that you can’t get while practicing indoors. Taking out your Wavemaster XXL or 2XL pro to practice your kicks and punches outside is no different.

This has gotten me to start researching what the best heavy bag stands are suited for outdoor use.

I’ve compiled a thorough list of the best ones alongside everything else you need to know about outdoor heavy bag stands, so you don’t have to.

Without further ado, here are the best stands for outdoor boxing.

And for those that want to know, this one here is the one I bought for myself.

Which Stand Did I End Up Buying?

Making a choice was no small feat, but I ended up getting the Century Heavy Bag Stand because:

  • One, it’s from Century, a brand that I’ve been using for years.
  • Two, it’s cheap, simple, and gets the job done.
  • And three, it’s super durable despite its affordable price tag.

What else could I possibly ask for?

So far, my experience has been nothing short of excellent, so I highly recommend this punching bag stand if you’re in a hurry to get going with your outdoor boxing journey!

Best Outdoor Heavy Bag Stands

Now we list the best outdoor heavy bag stands you can find on the market.

#1 Century Heavy Bag Stand – My Choice

Century Heavy Bag Stand is my choice for the best outdoor heavy bag stand

Century Heavy Bag Stand Review

If you’re looking for something sturdy, reliable, and easy to assemble, look no further than the Century Heavy Bag Stand.

Portable and Durable

The Century stand is made of 3-inch steel tubing and weighs less than 40 pounds. Those two features make it light enough for easy moving yet durable enough for outdoor use.

Despite its lightweight, this stand is able to hold heavy backs weighing up to 100pounds. It has three pegs on which you can put weight plates for added stability.


As I said before, this is the most basic heavy bag stand Century has to offer. It doesn’t have any extra bells or whistles like a speed bag platform.

However, it is taller than your average heavy bag stand, which means taller people will have a better experience using it.

I find this heavy bag stand to be perfect for developing power and improving endurance. The fact that this is a basic heavy bag stand makes it much more affordable than other models.

If you’re looking for something basic, affordable, and reliable, I wholeheartedly recommend the Century Heavy Bag Stand.

Titan Adjustable Heavy Bag Boxing Stand is a great pick when choosing an outdoor heavy bag stand

Titan Adjustable Heavy Bag Boxing Stand Review

The Titan Dual Station is an excellent heavy bag stand no matter where you put it. Whether you want to place it in your home gym, bedroom, basement, or outdoors, you can go wrong with this model.

Another Durable Option

Just like the Century model, this stand features a powder-coated steel tubing that can hold up to 100-pound punching bags. It also comes with three weight pegs you can attach counterweights to for more stability.

Additionally, this stand features dual station construction, which makes it excellent for maximizing the strength and speed of training.

I recommend this heavy bag stand for anyone who wants to target their core strength and upper body. With that said, since the stand is only 83.5”, you can’t really put the bag up high. This means that you won’t be able to perfect your kicks by using this heavy bag stand.

As for the dimensions of the heavy bag stand, it is 83.5” tall, 62” long, and 47” wide. The entire stand weighs 63 pounds. This makes it a great choice if you want to put it in a room with a low ceiling.

It’s also quite easy to assemble. With that said, it’s worth noting that the instructions for attaching the speed bag are unclear and difficult to follow.

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand is a fantastic pick when it comes to an outdoor heavy bag stand

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand Review

One of the best brands when it comes to fighting gear and heavyweight stands is Outslayer. It’s only natural that one of their stands makes it on this list.

Excellent Weight Capacity

First of all, the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand has all other heavy bag stands beat when it comes to weight capacity. Its impressively high capacity of 350 pounds makes it perfect for professional trainers.

You can also adjust the height of the legs, which are 30” long, by 12” or 15” depending on how much stability you’re going for and the height you need.


While most heavy bag stands, such as the ones reviewed above, require the use of separate weight plates to add stability, this heavy bag stand comes with four empty sandbags, which, when filled, weigh around 60 pounds. These sandbags are more than enough to ensure the stand stays stable.

The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand is 93.6” tall, with a small room for adjustments. This means you can use it to practice your kicks and punches. There’s a 17” gap between the bag and the stand, which means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally kicking the bar.

Easy Assembly

As for the assembly process, it’s quite easy to follow. It comes with clear instructions, and you only need a 7-screw assembly.

AthleticMMAGear Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand is one of the best outdoor punching bag stands

AthleticMMAGear Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand Review

For anyone who’s looking for the best Muay Thai punching bag stand to use outside, look no further than the AthleticMMAGear Punching Bag Stand.

High Weight Capacity

This stand has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and is 93.6” tall. Each leg is 30” and can be extending by an extra 12” to 15”. Its triangular base means you can place it in any corner of your room. It’s also quite stable, and the legs provide good clearance for kicks and punches.

Just like the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand I just mentioned, this one also comes with four unfilled stand bags that can weigh up to 60 pounds when filled. It also has a simple 7-screw assembly process that’s quite easy to follow.

Great Warranty

On top of all that, the AthleticMMAGearMuay Thai Heavy Bag Stand comes with a 15-year warranty that covers it against fault. This shows just how much trust the manufacturer has in their product’s durability.

Century Corner Man Hanger is a great outdoor heavy bag stand

Century Corner Man Hanger Review

The Century Corner Man Hanger is one of the most stable heavy bag stands out there. It’s especially great for people looking to hone their footwork and boxing skills. It is quite unique in its design and the features it comes with, which make it great for people who have a home gym.

This heavy bag stand can hold bags that weigh 100pounds or more, and its wide base allows for maximum stability. It also has an adjustable height in case you want to perfect your high kicks.

Heavy Duty Construction

When it comes to construction, the Century Corner Man Hanger is made of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel tubing. It’s built to last. Moreover, the frame has a nonslip shock-absorbing design that keeps it from slipping. All of that makes it perfect for outside use.

When it comes to height, this heavy bag stand is among the tallest ones out there. It can be adjusted to be anywhere between 72” and 102”.

I highly recommend the Century Corner Man Hanger for people who want to perfect their high kick and have a high enough ceiling to accommodate the height of the stand. You’ll also be surprised by how stable this heavy bag stand can be.

#6 Weanas Folding Heavy Bag Stand

Weanas Folding Heavy Bag Stand is a great heavy bag stand to use outdoors

Weanas Folding Heavy Bag Stand Review

Designed for comfort and efficiency, the Weanas folding heavy bag stand is an excellent product if you’re looking for versatility.

You can take full advantage of two training methods without worrying about ceiling anchors or any other mounting issues. The stand’s base is triangular and has enough clearance for kicking. It’s also easy to integrate into most places since it’s not bulky.

When it comes to installation, the process is quite simple. The most important part is making sure the screw connections for every piece are as tight as possible.

Even though the base of the stand is quite stable already, I still recommend you use weight to stabilize it even further.

Foldable and Portable

Additionally, the metal stand is designed to be foldable to boost portability. You won’t find it hard to get this bag inside and outside of the house whenever you’re up for an outdoor training session.

It’s also adjustable from 61” to 80”. The Weans Folding Heavy Bag Stand is designed to be compatible with 132-pound punching bags.

TITLE Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Stand Is a great option when picking an outdoor heavy bag stand

TITLE Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Stand Review

The TITLE Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Stand is made from heavy-duty 1.5mm square tube steel.

It features a steel l-bolt to hang a heavy bag and a platform for a speed bag.

Convenient Dimensions

On its own, the stand weighs 80 pounds. It is able to hold heavy bags weighing 100 pounds, and its height can be adjustable. It fits great in rooms with 96” ceilings or higher.

What thing you’ll notice when you get this heavy bag stand is that it has four pegs instead of the usual three pegs you’d find in your average heavy bag stand. You can add weights to these pegs in order to increase the stability of the bag. Once you put weights on all four pegs, you’ll have a very stable heavy bag stand.

Great for Aerobics

I recommend the TITLE Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Stand for people who want to develop aerobic fitness and power.

With that said, if you want a heavy bag stand for practicing footwork, kicks, and taking angles, you might want to look elsewhere. This is because you run the risk of hitting your foot against the hard steel base since there isn’t enough clearance for you to practice your kicks comfortably.

You can count on this heavy bag stand lasting a long time. It’s made from quality materials and is quite stable. You needn’t worry about this stand giving up on you when you’re working out outside.

One other great thing about it is that it’s quite affordable and is actually cheaper than other similar products that come from Everlast or Century.

If you’re looking for a heavy bag stand that’s durable and affordable, the TITLE Heavy Bag & Speed Bag Stand is a great investment to make.

Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Only Can work as great outdoor heavy bag stand

Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Only Review

The Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Only is an excellent choice for people looking for something compact to use in their home or outside of it. It’s also quite nice if you own a gym and are short on space. There’s also the fact that it’s inexpensive, which makes it great for people with a limited budget.

Compact Design

Since this is a wall-mounted bag stand, you don’t need to allocate any floor space for it. This cements this heavy bag stand as an excellent compact, accessible, and convenient choice. It is also able to hold 100-poundpunching bags, which is enough for most people.

Furthermore, this heavy bag is surprisingly durable. You can count on it to withstand whatever punches or kicks you might throw at it. However, you also need to make sure that the wall you mount it on is equally durable.

Additionally, Yes4All offers a swivel chain along with this stand, which has a 150-pound weight limit. It’s also very durable and is especially great if you don’t already own a chain.

One caveat I have with this heavy bag stand is that it has a short pole, which doesn’t leave much room for the heavy bag to swing.

All in all, I think this is an excellent heavy bag stand for anyone who has limited space, a tight budget and is still looking for something durable and high-quality.

Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger is a fantastic choice when looking for a stand for a heavy bag to use outdoors

Aoneky Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger Review

Aoneky has garnered a great reputation thanks to their quality-made wall mounts. Even though they tend to be more expensive than other options, their price is justified by the quality of their construction and durability.

This heavy bag wall mount is worthy of the Aoneky name. It’s capable of supporting a whopping 1,000 pounds. This is the highest weight capacity of any heavy bag stand on this list. It goes to show just how much of a good investment it can be. The setup process is also very simple and quick.

Who should get this wall mount, you ask?

Well, anyone who’s looking to train outside using a super heavy bag. Just install the mount, mount your heavy bag, and it’ll be ready for you whenever you feel like working out in the yard. If you’re serious about martial arts training, this is an investment I can’t recommend enough.

Free-Standing Bags as an Alternative to Using a Heavy Bag Stand

Free-Standing Bags as an Alternative to Using a Heavy Bag Stand

While I was doing my research, I thought it would be interesting to look into the benefits of using a free-stand bag to train outdoor. Turns out, there's a treasure trove in using this kind of bags, but personally, I was most impressed with bag in particular - the Wavemaster XXL, so much so, that I ended up adding it to my gym. 

Scroll on for details on this freestanding punching bag. Meanwhile, let's look at the overall benefits of a free-standing punching bags, also referred to as floor punching bags;

Benefits of Using a Free-Standing Punching Bag

Using a free standing bag comes with many benefits, we list a couple of them.

No Mounting Required

One of the Benefits of Using a Free-Standing Punching Bag Is No Mounting Required

This is the first thing that comes to mind, and it’s one of the reasons I decided to include this section in the article.

The setup and mounting process that is inherent to using any heavy bag stand can be time-consuming and arduous. No matter how simple the manufacturer might make it, it still won’t make it go away.

Thankfully, free-standing punching bags are convenient because you can skip that phase altogether. You just need to fill the base with something like sand to ensure the stability of the bag.

Portability and Convenience

Portability and Convenience are two Benefits of Using a Free-Standing Punching Bag

As I mentioned before, free-standing punching bags are much more convenient than any heavy bag stand. You can move it anywhere you want with little to no hassle.

You can store it anywhere when you’re done, and you don’t need a lot of space to do so; I often push my standing punching bag right against my treadmill or any other cardio machine that I'm not using at the moment, leaving lots of space for floor workouts.

The reason this is especially relevant is when you’re training outdoors, you can’t leave your stand and punching bag out in the open all the time; unless you have built a bulky but stout tire punching bag that can withstand the wrath of the elements.

This means that you’ll have to move it in and out multiple times. Depending on which heavy bag stand you have, this might be manageable at best and outright painful at worst.

When using a free-standing punching bag, you don’t have to worry about any of that, which is why I think that it’s worth considering as an alternative to using a heavy bag stand when you’re practicing outdoors.

Best Free-Standing Bags to Punch Outside

Here are our picks for the best free standing bags to use outdoors.

Wavemaster XXL

Wavemaster XXL Is great alternative to using a heavy bag and a stand if you want to punch outdoors
  • Dimensions: Total height:69 inches, Bag diameter: 18 inches, Base diameter: 28 inches
  • Weight: Around 270 pounds when the base is filled with water or sand
  • Materials: Filled with high-density foam and covered in vinyl
  • Perfect dimensions for medium-sized living spaces
  • Designed for both martial artists and fitness
  • Super durable thanks to its high-quality materials
  • Extremely stable base
  • Easy to assemble

I’ve been personally using this punching bag for years, and I’ve been nothing short of satisfied. The bag is durable, practical, flexible, and portable.What else could you possibly ask for in a free-standing punching bag, huh?

Ringside Elite is a great free standing bag to use outdoors
  • Dimensions: Total height: 75 inches, Bag diameter: 17 inches, Base diameter: 32 inches
  • Weight: Around 270 pounds when the base is filled with water or sand
  • Materials: Synthetic leather shell
  • Versatile (suitable for any martial art)
  • Durable materials
  • Stable with a solid base
Century Bob XL is great as an outdoor free standing bag
  • Dimensions: Between 5’6” to 6” tall depending on the height adjustment
  • Weight: Around 270 pounds when the base is filled with water or sand
  • Materials: Plastisol with dense foam on the inside
  • Lifelike punching experience
  • Stable
  • This bag is excellent for kickboxing and MMA
Century Cardio Wavemaster is a great alternative to using a heavy bag and a stand to punch outdoors especially if you want to do cardio
  • Dimensions: Total height: from 53.5 to 65.5inches, Bag diameter: 10.5 inches, Base diameter: 22 inches
  • Weight: Around 170 pounds when the base is filled with water or sand
  • Materials: Filled with high-density foam
  • Easy to move around
  • Adjustable height
  • This bag is great for cardio, aerobics, and fitness boxing

Top Brands That Make Punching Bags

Here are the top brands that make boxing/MMA equipment like, heavy punching bags.


Everlast is a famous Top Brands That Make Punching Bags

Located in the Bronx and founded over 100 years ago, Everlast has made a name for itself by making excellent boxing and MMA/Boxing equipment since 1917. They make great gloves, boxing shoes (whether it's high top or low top boxing shoes),  heavy bag stands, punching bags, and more.

Everlast has won the World MMA Award for Best Technical Equipment Brand five times, which is a testament to how great its products are.

In particular, their MMA heavy bag is one of their best-selling products.


Century is one of Brands That Make Punching Bags

Century is owned and run by martial artists. They know how to make quality products that fit the needs of their consumer base.

They have been making quality boxing and MMA equipment since 1976. They are located in Oklahoma City, OK.

All of their products are manufactured in the USA.

One of their flagship bags is the BOB mannequin, which is excellent for MMA training.


RDX Is One of The Top Brands That Make Punching Bags

Founded in 1999 in Manchester, UK, RDK has quickly risen to fame in Europe.

Their high-quality products helped them soar to the top, especially when it comes to their heavy bag.


Ringside Is One of The Top Brands That Make Punching Bags

Founded in 1977 in Lenexa, KS, Ringside is one of the best brands when it comes to boxing equipment.

Their best products are boxing gloves (like this pair right here, which you can check out on Amazon by clicking here) and MMA equipment and apparel. One of their best punching bags is the Powerhide heavy bag, which is their bestselling bag.

What to Look for In a Heavy Bag If You want to Use It Outdoors

When looking to buy a punching bag to use outdoors, there are a few things to consider, here discuss them.


Material is one of the things to Look for In a Heavy Bag If You want to Use It Outdoors

When you take your punching bag outdoors, you need to take into account that you’ll be exposing it to various factors that might accelerate its degradation.

Things like dirt, grime, and weather conditions can decrease the lifespan of your bag. This is why you need to make sure that the bag you bring outdoors is made from durable materials.

Heavy bags are made of one of three things: leather, synthetic leather, or canvas. Leather is the most durable and, as you’d expect, most expensive. Canvas is the cheapest and least durable, though canvas punching bags come with a few benefits. I recommend going with synthetic leather as it strikes a perfect balance between durability and affordability.

Stitching also needs to be taken into account. I recommend heavy and coated thick thread since it’s the most durable.


Portability is one of the things to consider when Looking for In a Heavy Bag If You want to Use It Outdoors

I personally don’t like to train in the same spot every single time, and always looked for a punching bag that is good for apartments, because I like moving the bag from room to room. Which is why I consider portability a huge factor when picking a punching bag.

When looking for a punching bag to use outside, keep portability in mind, especially considering that you might find yourself getting it in and out frequently. Picking the right one doesn't have to be difficult though, since the market is flooding with easily portable punching bags of all sizes, shapes, designs, and models.

Size and Weight

Size and Weight are two things to Look for In a Heavy Bag If You want to Use It Outdoors

One of the most important things to consider when choosing the size and weight of the bag is the fighter’s size and age. This will have the biggest impact on the quality of your training experience.

Punching bags come in a variety of sizes and weights, ranging from 30” to 72” and 60 to 150 pounds  (these are ideal for teenagers who are into workout, and overall fitness newbies), respectively. Some bags allow for adjustability too, so you should consider that as well.

When it comes to adults, it can be tricky to choose the best heavy bag. However, here are some things that can help you determine the best option for you or your client.

There’s a general rule that you can use for determining the weight of the punching bag. It should be half of the person’s weight. For example, if you weigh 180 pounds and want to pick a punching bag for you, you should go with a 90-pound punching bag. But for the seasoned freaks who prefer facing a monstrous one, then there are the larger 300-pound punching bags, and even bigger jumbos out there.

When it comes to height, anything between 48” and 60” should be enough for most adults.

Your Goal of Punching the Bag

When looking to buy a punching bag you should determine Your Goal of Punching the Bag

This factor is important regardless of which kind of punching bag you want to get.

Before picking your next punching bag, make sure to determine your needs, as different models are suitable for different needs.

For example, some heavy bags are designed for fitness boxing; others are more suitable for kickboxing and MMA, etc.


Here are the frequently asked questions that come up when looking to buy an outdoor heavy bag stand.

Can I Leave My Punching Bag Outside?

The short answer is yes. With that said, it depends on the type of punching bag you own.

When it comes to the ones I mentioned throughout the article, you can leave all of them outdoors with no issues.However, it’s best that you cover them up and bring them inside if it starts to rain or the weather conditions become harsh.

I think water punching bags are the best outdoor bags since you only really have to bring them in if it’s below freezing temperature since the water will start to freeze.

How Long Can I Leave My Bag Outside?

The only time you should think about bringing your punching bag inside is when it starts to rain or snow. Both these conditions tend to have the biggest impact on the lifespan of the bag; doesn't matter whether it's a freestanding or a hanging punching bag, adverse weather can be unforgiving.

How Can I Protect the Bag from Sun and Rain?

The easiest solution would be to cover up the bag when you’re not using it. You can use a tarpaulin or a car cover to do so.

I also recommend you place your punching bag strategically and make sure it gets as much shade as possible during the day, especially midday. The morning and evening sun won’t damage the bag.

What Are the Benefits of Punching My Heavy Bag Outdoors?

Simply put, nothing beats training outside in general. Breathing the fresh air and having a lot of space and great scenery to admire are all things that will improve your training experience.

Can I Make My Own Outdoor Boxing Stand?

There is a plethora of guides on the Internet on how to make your own boxing stands. However, unless you’re already experienced in DIY things, I advise against trying to make one.

I highly recommend going with one of the heavy bag stands I mentioned before as they are high-quality, durable, and affordable.

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