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The Booty Belt Workout – Is This Booty Workout System Really Worth it?

A supposed-organic endorsement from Kate Hudson thrust a relatively-unknown workout tool called ‘The Booty Belt’ into the spotlight.

Well, Hudson has one of the best derrières in showbiz. So when she claims that this strange contraption earns part of the credit for that tush, the world cannot help but take notice.

It’s almost like Suzanne Sommers and the Thighmaster in the 90s. Only this time, Hudson’s Instagram post fueled a frenzy for the Booty Belt.

So much so, that the product has captured the fancy of recreational fitness buffs and Ninja mothers who find the convenience it offers, too sweet to resist.

But, is the booty belt program all that it is cracked up to be? We cut through the hype and bring you the real lowdown.

What is a Booty Belt Workout System?

As the name suggests, the booty belt workout system is cut out to tone your but with the use of several resistance bands

The Booty Belt Workout System is a set of three Resistance bands that are designed specifically to tone and sculpt your buttocks. But you can also use these for thigh and abdominal exercises.

From the get go, this looked to me to be not only one of those handy booty & core exercises, but one that could actually be worth adding to your overall regimen of essential fitness exercises that you do at home.

Let’s take a closer look at the package;

The product comes with an instructional DVD, an adjustable velcro-strap and the bands, which according to the brand are made of double-dipped latex, which gives them 3X more stretchability than the run-of-the-mill Resistance strap.

The Booty Belt was designed by Dominick Banks, a personal trainer who wanted to create a portable, convenient workout tool that mothers could use to keep fit while they watched their kids at play.

It was initially designed for the mom-on-the-go, but has caught on with recreational fitness buffs seeking convenience.

What is the Booty Building System of Booty Belt Workout?

This system comprises of an adjustable belt, the Resistance straps as well as a velcro fastener

The Booty Building System is a combination of an adjustable belt, the Resistance straps and a velcro fastener that you can loop around your feet or arms, depending on the workout you are performing.

The Belt secures the bands around your waist. As implied, this is the actual, booty belt. It is adjustable, and is soft to the touch, so even when you are actually stretching the bands, it does not bite into the skin or chaff it.

Dominick Banks talks about three phases to the Booty Building System. Phase one is largely for beginners who are looking to slowly get comfortable with these exercises. Phase two introduces more advanced moves, while phase three focuses on sculpting.

For those who have been hating pounding the track on an incline treadmill trying to build a toned butt, this might just be the alternative you’ve been hoping for. But….

While it looks pretty ordinary, you will realize that it is no ordinary Resistance workout, especially for your booty and thighs. Even when you start with the lowest resistance band, you will find your butt muscles on fire in just one set. We promise.

What are the Equipment Provided with the Booty Belt Workout Program?

This system is made up of a combination of several bands

As we said, there are three primary components in the Booty belt workout program.

The Adjustable Waist Belt

The waist belt is useful for securing your resistance band

The Adjustable Waist Belt is a broad bodybuilding-styled belt that you fasten around your waist, which secures the Resistance band that you use for your workout. Out of the box, the belt comes with the Pink, lowest intensity bands looped in. So, you can actually start to use the Booty belt straight out of the box.

It is made of a soft, spandex-like fabric and has soft polyethylene reinforcement on the inside to ensure that it does not irritate or chafe your skin. It’s pretty simple to use. Just pass the end through the loop and fasten it with velcro. Ensure that the Resistance bands are on the back, bang in the middle of your lower back.

The Resistance Bands

These bands come in a set of three bands for progressive resistance training

The Booty Belt Workout System comes with a set of three Resistance Bands of progressive resistance grades – if you’ve been using resistance bands for weight loss or to tone your behind and legs, this shouldn’t be very new to you.

There’s the Pink, the gray and the black ones.

The Pink are the lowest intensity ones, so that is what you use when starting out. They are only meant for beginners and will offer minimal resistance.

The Gray Bands are obviously a notch higher than the Pink one but have little stretch. They offer 20 pounds of progressive resistance.

If you’re looking for something more challenging, then there’s the black band with 40 pounds of resistance, all on this one band.

The Velcro Strap

These are velcro fasteners that you secure on your feet for your butt workout

Unlike cookie-cutter Resistance bands, which feature handles, the Booty Belt actually features velcro fasteners which need to be secured on your feet for the butt workouts. This actually works better than traditional Resistance bands, because it does not slip or slide.

Stays secure on the feet, producing tension where it’s much needed.

The Knee Mat

The mat is just that, a knee pad to keep your knees safe from the hard floor

Since you will be on your knees during many of the workouts in the program, there’s a knee pad/mat, which helps to cushion the knees and protect them from injury.

In addition to this, there’s an instructional DVD & an illustrated exercise guide included in the package.

Booty Belt Workout Exercises

You can actually do a number of workouts with this system

All said and done, what are some of the workouts that you can perform with the Booty belt and what separates them from regular Resistance training?

We have performed a few rounds of workouts as part of the Booty belt package so that our readers can get an idea of what to expect. Here are our favorite ones.

#1 – Kick-ups

The kick-up workout is the first one you should try once you get this system

Hudson’s post that endorsed the Booty Belt showed her performing the Kick Up, which since then has become the signature move for the Booty Belt.

Kick Ups are the first exercise that everyone who grabs a Booty Belt should be trying any way.

Here is a video of how to do this exercise

How to do the Kick Ups with the booty belt

The kick-up exercise is done by kicking to the back but without stretching your leg out

  • Step 1 – Secure the waist belt ensuring that each Resistance band loop is above each butt cheek.
  • Step 2 – Secure the velcro straps around your feet, the knee mat under the knees and get down in the tabletop position.
  • Step 3 – You are on all-fours with the palms under the shoulders and the knees under the hips.
  • Step 4 – Kick up the right leg, bent at the knee and extend it until the foot is above your butt. You should feel the burn in the glute muscles at the top position. Slowly bring it back down to the starting position. That’s one rep.
  • Step 5 – Alternate the legs and complete the desired number of reps.
Pro Tip

Brace your core throughout the move and only attempt to lift the leg until its above your waist.

Suggested Reps

Since this is not a conventional lift and you don’t have access to any traditional weight, we suggest that you perform the Kick-Up as per your fitness level. You can go until failure or even increase the tempo for more of a calorie burn effect.

#2 – Kick Outs

Kick outs resemble the kick-up workout to a substantal extend, only difference is with the kick out you keep your leg straight

Kick Outs are similar to the Kick Up. The caveat is that instead of a bent leg, you keep your legs straight. This will fire up your hamstrings and your core muscles, along with the booty.

Here is a video of how to do this exercise

How to perform Kick Outs with the Booty Belt

  • Step 1 – Secure the belt around the waist. Ensure that each Resistance band loop is above each butt cheek.
  • Step 2 – Secure the velcro straps around your feet. Same set up as earlier.
  • Step 3 – Get down on all fours and slowly extend one leg like you are kicking someone behind you.
  • Step 4 – Keep the leg straight and now lift it as high as possible.
  • Step 5 – Bring it back down to the starting position, then switch legs and complete until you have done all reps.
Pro Tip

Kick Ups require a fair bit of hamstring flexibility. If you find it tough to kick really high, or as high as its instructed, go only as far as you can.

Suggested Reps

You can perform this exercise as per your fitness level and go until failure. About 20-30 reps on each side is excellent for toning. Alternatively, you can go for a higher strength band and reduce the reps.

#3 – Leg Spreads

If you aim to target your thigh and hip section, then you should do the leg spreads

Leg Spreads are a thigh and hips exercise that is immensely helpful for improving flexibility and releasing tension in the hips and groin area.

You can perform this exercise as a cooldown or as a warm up before you attempt more advanced workouts.

How to perform leg spreads 

The leg spreads are considerably easy to do if done right, but still very effective

  • Step 1 – Lie down on your back with the belt and velcro straps secured and in place.
  • Step 2 – Slowly lift your chest and your legs at the same time, assuming a V position. At this point, you should be feeling the resistance of the band.
  • Step 3 – Slowly spread the legs outwards, maintaining an upright upper body and bracing the core. Once you start to feel uncomfortable, stop, pause for a second and return your legs to the start position.
  • Step 4 – Complete the required number of reps.
Pro Tip

It’s crucial to maintain an upright torso and a neutral spine. This will ensure that your pelvic floor is engaged and you are not arching your back.

Suggested Reps

Since this exercise stretches the pelvic floor muscles and your outer glute muscles, called the Gluteal Medius, you need to do at least 15-20 repetitions. You don’t need to increase the band resistance either. This will burn even with the pink, lowest intensity bands.

How Long After Starting Booty Belt Workout will I See the Results?

Just how long you should expect to see results with this workout boils down to several factors

Results depend on more factors than acquiring a fancy piece of fitness equipment. How regular are you with the workouts? What are your goals? Are you looking to tone the booty? Are you looking for fat loss?

If burning fat and weight loss are your main goals, you should also consider supplementing your booty belt workouts with other weight loss exercises like using a waist trainer, using a recumbent bike, and exercising on a stationary bike or an elliptical.

Is your nutrition on point? I would highly suggest you stop eating sugar if you haven’t already, and if you are using meal shake replacements, go for naturally sweetened ones like Kachava, huel or shakeology. Protein shakes work just as great, I once took 2 protein shakes a day for weight loss with satisfactory results.

Generally, most women who use the Booty Belt workout see amazing results in about 6-8 weeks. But don’t use that as a yardstick because each one of us is different and you may see results sooner or it may take a while longer.

Instead, focus on getting the workouts in everyday. Focus on the form and fix your diet.

Common Beginner Mistake to Avoid During Booty Belt Workout

There are, however, several mistakes you should avoid when doing the booty belt workout

The Booty Belt workout looks like even a rank rookie would find it tough to make mistakes with it. But when you actually get down to it, you’ll find that there are tons of ways in which you can actually make mistakes with it.

Starting Low Intensity

The best thing to do is start with a low intensity and work your way up

Kate Hudson nailed the Kick Up and made it look simple. But when you perform your first Kick Up or any other exercise for that matter with the Booty Belt, you are going to find it much tougher than you expected it to be.

So, always start with the lowest band resistance and gradually build up the resistance. If you’re new, start off with just five to ten reps. Over time, increase the reps and eventually you’ll be nailing the workouts.

Stretch, Stretch and Stretch some more

Stretching is very much a part of the game

I cannot emphasize on the importance of stretching enough. When you stretch, you are actually elongating the muscles and connecting tissues (perhaps the reason stretching is said to make people taller) which ensures that your body adopts to the changes faster. Stretch before you start the workout. Stretch during the cooldown and stretch after the workouts too.

And not just during your booty belt workouts, you should add stretching to your other workouts, both calisthenics and weight lifting exercises, and even before hitting the deck for some cardio after your workout sessions.

Maintaining Spinal Integrity

Like is the case with any other workout, make sure to maintain the right form when doing the booty belt workout

Just because you are not lifting weight, does not mean you can slack off with your form. You have to brace your core all the time and maintain lumbopelvic stability while working out with the Booty Belt.

Benefits of Booty Belt Workouts

The one cool thing about the booty belt workout is that it offers a wide range of benefits

The Workout has become a rage. There’s enough reasons too. Here are the primary ones.

A low learning curve

If you are looking for a workout with a low learning curve, then this is it

The workout system has by far the lowest learning curve of any fitness equipment. You do not need to go into deep stretches or assume weird positions during any of the moves. With some basic listening skills, you can actually grasp even the most complex of exercises with a fair bit of ease.

And if you exercise on regular basis and work your lower body things are gonna be a lot easier for you. For example, if you do squat everyday, about 100 jumping jacks a day and a sufficient number of lunges each day, doing this workout should be fairly easy for you, and you’ll even enjoy using it.


You can easily carry it with you and keep fit on the go

Don’t you hate it when you are travelling and you cannot get access to a gym? Well, , the Booty Belt is going to change that. It’s portable enough to fit into your handbag and you can do all of your daily booty-sculpting exercises from the comfort of your hotel room.

Highly effective workouts

The workouts here are very effective and enable you to target up to 3 gluteal muscles

Booty Belt workouts are highly effective. And it’s not just because of the fact that you can do a whole lot of exercises. It’s because they fire up the three gluteal muscles and a whole list of supportive muscles in the lower body and core.

What Does the Booty Belt Workout Program Cost?

Thakfully, unlike before, the booty belt workout system price has dropped from the previous amount

The Booty Belt Workout Program used to retail for $99 until recently. Thankfully, there’s been a price drop and it now retails for $79.99 on the official website.

There are many copycats being sold on shopping portals. But we are not sure how effective those are. Remember what we said about the Resistance bands having 3x the elasticity? Buy legit.

Booty Belt Workout: Is It Worth it?

This workout is worth the money when you consider the results you can get with it

For the longest time, I was under the impression that the Booty Belt Workout was a gimmick. It was as good as any other Resistance rip-off and there was nothing special about it.

But after checking out the workout system, I can say that it’s actually one of the most practical solutions to home booty workouts. Just one thing, before ordering the package, consider fixing your posture to ensure safe booty training – such exercises like the superwoman workout or wall angels should help a big deal here.

It’s easy to use, effective and the fact that the entire system is designed with a focus on butt workouts, makes it perfect for anyone who wishes to razor target the glute muscles. So, I think it’s completely worth every dime you pay for it.

FAQ about Booty Belt Workout

Here are more answers to your questions on the booty belt workout system

If you still have some more questions about the booty belt workout, here are some more answers to questions about this workout.

Q. Does Booty belt really work?

A. A. Yes, it does. The Belt and the straps engage every single muscle in the lower body. Also, it’s versatile enough to be used for upper body and abdominal exercises too.

Q. What booty belt workout is good for?

A. Like I said, it’s actually very versatile. The focus is obviously on toning and sculpting the butt. That said, you can use it to build washboard abs, shoulders, biceps and much more.

Q. Do resistance bands make your bum bigger?

A. No, they don’t. It’s pushing your muscles to the point of failure so that it causes microtears in them that does. Resistance bands are an excellent way to achieve this. If your nutrition is supportive of muscle growth, you will notice an increase in your bum size, same case with your upper leg muscles. This might not be a very effective exercise for building bigger quads, but it will surely tone your thighs.

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