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Tire Punching Bag

by Mike
Tire Punching Bag

If push comes to shove, can you stand your ground or defend yourself? The fact that you haven’t been there doesn’t mean you can’t.

And while you never know when trouble might come knocking at your door, spending a few hours a week on your punching bag is sure to prepare you for any face-offs, and you get some great health benefits, too!

Whether you want to be ready for any bare-knuckle street brawls that might come your way, or you are just working hard to keep fit, a tire punching bag is a worthy addition to your workout arsenal.

In this article, I will go into details about these punching bags; the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as how to build one at home. Besides, you will find the links to the articles and other sources of the information shared herein for further in-depth understanding of this awesome workout gear.

Let’s jump right in!

DIY Punching Bag

A we-built tire punching bag is all you need

Having a great punching bag will take your workout to the next level, but if you’re tight on budget, affording the high-end punching bags out there might not be an option.

Not to worry, if you’re a handyman, a DIY punching bag can still fit the bill just fine. It only needs to be well-built, strong enough to help achieve the desired results with your workout sessions, and most importantly, built with safety in mind.

This is where DIY tire punching bags come in, although there’s still a hoard of other options that you can opt for, but that’s a post for another day.

The good thing about this type of DIY punching bag is that it’s an easy build, safe, and above all, a low-cost one. Seriously, you can easily get free used car tires in most parts of the world.

DIY Freestanding Punching Bag

Is a diy tire punching bag worth it?

Building this kind of punching bag shouldn’t be difficult or costly. Make sure you secure a solid connection between several tires and secure it to a solid base to keep it from toppling over with every hit, and ta-da! you have yourself a great punching bag.

Here are a few perks that make this DIY option worth the effort;

One great advantage of a DIY freestanding punching bag is that it’s easy to build(much easier than a DIY dumbbell rack that I built), especially when building it with tires. Unlike a hanging one, all you need to do is secure the tires together and get a good base to keep them stout even in the wake of your blows and kicks.

And yes, you won’t need to punch holes through the ceiling or on walls for the setup. You could also design it for easy movement, so you can store it away after use, leaving your workout space free for other sessions or when not in use.

This model is also easy to punch and kick, especially for a beginner, thus helping work both your lower and upper body— great for people who are more into cardio workouts than those training for professional boxing or martial arts.

And it's also great if you want to box outside, you won't have to buy a heavy bag which would need an outdoor stand or buy a free standing bag (also known as floor punching bags) which might be damaged during a cold or a windy weather.

Muay Thai Tire Bag

Muay thai tire punching bags are easy to build, and very effective

If a free-standing tire bag doesn’t sound like the best idea for you, then this one should. These tire bags are also easy to build, with a few tires bolted together and suspended on a hanger, a tree, or suspended from your ceiling. And the cheap construction makes them a perfect resort if money isn’t on your side.

Just play it safe and get some serious chains to hang the tires and guarantee a secure connection on top to avoid any accidents during a workout. 

Are Tire Punching Bags Good?

Are diy tire punching bag good

Besides being cost-effective and easy to put together, tire punching bags also pack in several other benefits that make them a practical addition to your workout gear.

For one, since they’re made of rubber, tires are one hell of a toughie, lasting for years even when exposed to the elements, thus giving you a lasting service.

You can also adjust them as desired to fit your varying exercise needs. All you have to do is adjust a few bolts here and there, remove or add a tire….and voila!

You get just the right consistency as well as weight, allowing you to meet considerable resistance with every punch, kick or blow, making them ideal for positive results.  

Is It Ok to Hit the Punching Bag Every Day?

Punching your bag daily isn't the best idea

As enticing as it might prove to be, working out on your bag every day isn’t a wise idea. I know, the urge to give it a punch or two as you move around the gym might be too tempting to resist, but don’t go all out on your punching bag daily.

Why? Well, this could lead to overuse injury, which isn’t good for your overall health in the long term. According to Mayo Clinic, overuse injury is muscle or joint injuries such as a stretch fracture or tendinitis resulting from repetitive trauma due to too much rapid physical activity within a short time.

To give your body a break, try working out on an uppercut bag, grappling dummies, and speed bag among other workout exercises before you can cycle back to your heavy bag exercise.

And if you insist try using appropriate gloves like amateur boxing gloves or other boxing gloves that are made for beginners.

Is Hitting a Punching Bag a Good Workout?

Spending time on the punching bag has several benefits

The good news is, for the few times you will spend on your punching bag, it gives you a long list of awesome benefits.

Keep Fit

A punching bag is one way to keep fit

Keeping fit is one of the main reasons behind a workout session, and with a punching bag, a 180-pound person can burn almost 500 calories in 60 minutes. Quite remarkable, right? But there’s a catch, you shouldn’t go for a 60-minute-straight session, take breaks after every couple of minutes.

Work Your Muscles

A punching bag is also great for muscle building

Build your brawns with every punch, kick, knee or elbow. It’s the ideal way to work the primary muscles in both the upper and lower body while honing your self-defense or professional techniques.

Reducing Stress

Workout is great at stress relief too

Stress relief from workout makes the effort worthwhile. With the modern society keeping us under constant pressure from heaps of workload, traffic jams, endless streams of information to process, and much more, letting off steam is always a welcome relief for both body and mind.

Improve Your Mood

With good enough workout, you can elevate your mood

You can lighten up your mood through the release of endorphins, which occurs during exercise and counteracts such feelings as depression, stress, eases body aches, and most importantly, gives you a sense of self-satisfaction.

How Do You Make a Punching Bag Out of Old Tires?

A diy tire punching bag is an easy build if you have the tools and idea

Now that you know everything to do with tire punching bags, it’s time to build yourself one for your home gym.

What You Need

Diy tire punching bag construction tools

About 3 to 6 tires, your choice, but should be of equal size and similar (preferably still in good) condition.

3 or 4 chains, enough length to suspend the tires and be in perfect position for punching.

A similar number of carabiners with a threaded or safety locking closure

Between 15 and 30 threaded bolts and their nuts; the length should be about 5 to 10cm depending on the width of your tires.

 30 to 60 washers; two for each bolt

A rotating bracket for support (for rotation of the bag to reduce stress on the chains)

Working tools

Diy punching bag tools

A drill with a drill bit wider than the bolts for punching holes through the tires

A wrench for tightening the bolts

Tape measure for measuring size and distance on tires, chains, wall, e.t.c

A lubricant for your rotating bracket


Assembling a diy tire punching bag should be easy with the right tools

Create 3 or 4 holes on the first tire, keeping them not too close to the border.

Place small adhesive tape squares over each hole and to the smooth side

Place the next tire right on top of the first one; the tapes should pass exactly where you need to drill

Repeat the holds symmetrically on all the tires following this procedure.

Next, bring in the bolts and washers; make sure to have a washer on each side of the hole and the nut to the upper side. Tighten the nuts firmly at first, and with everything in synch, you can tighten them fully.

On the top tire, put in the ring nuts, leaving space for the chains to go through.

Now, fix the carabiners and chains, then place the rotating bracket support (after applying the lubricant) on the tires, and suspend the punching bag right where you want it.  

Cheapest Punching Bag that Still Gets the Job Done

Cheapest Punching Bag that Still Gets the Job Done, the last punch punching bag

If DIY isn’t up your alley, and you don’t have the money for a top-of-the-line punching bag, you don’t have to give up on your quest for some serious punching bag sessions.

For as little as $32, you can get this Last Punch punching bag, this is a punching bag made of canvas which you can fill with readily available stuff like laundry or grain, sand, or anything that gives you the desired effect.

In the package are 3 chains and a swivel ring for mounting, but you can always pick up any other gear you need for this purpose from your local store and get it going. Besides, at 48 inches long with the chains and 18 inches wide, it’s just the right size for a basic punching bag.

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